An Eu Logion of Zippy Catholic

RIP Zippy Catholic

The Orthosphere

The Catholic, Christian and Traditionalist community were shocked and appalled to learn last week that their pillar, blogger Zippy Catholic, had been killed in a bicycle accident last Tuesday evening while riding on a country road.

We are still struggling to reconcile ourselves to this new world, in which Zippy no longer roams about skewering sloppy thought, and so enlightening all of us his readers, interlocutors and students.

It was a severe and devastating blow, completely unanticipated. Zippy was neither old, nor – so far as we knew – ill. So his death came out of left field. No one was prepared for it. He had, we all thought, several decades more of good, fruitful work in him, that all of us would have enjoyed, and that would have profited us all, and man, and the whole human project. We looked forward to that prospect, blithely, happily, as if we…

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Clean up or cover up?

A friend writes:

I’d like to believe that DJT probably has nice business cards with maybe a herringbone pattern that he can present to people quickly and out of the blue when he meets them. I imagine that these “business” cards would use a sans serif font of some type with the words:

Clean up?
Cover up?

Now that GCHQ and friends have been cutoff from seeing and hearing and the US military has the satellite communications and weapons monopoly, they’ll have to ask China for help. That will complicate their situation even further. As the US military watches them do this which could be part of the plan. Drive them to show their allegiance with their Chinese military friends in real time. Getting caught with even more “papers” of the enemy.

Syria action looks like it’s happening now. Now that Iron Eagle has gotten a bag wrapped around it’s head and can’t see the world around it using satellites. US satellites at least.How will they talk to each other now? Sat phones are down too!? Vincent Ramos and Phantom Secure shut down!Oh shit! I wonder if the payroll system will get shutdown next. Nobody likes working for free.

Other than Trump.

Being that they’re claiming that options are being prepared in Syria, it’s safe to say that people are already getting shot and bombed. Maybe this time it will be the right people getting shot and bombed which would be very refreshing. Maybe even for the people getting shot and bombed.

You know that there must be people out there who, upon hearing the bomb falling closer out of the sky, think to themselves as their last thought on earth: “well, I really did have this coming….

Trump couldn’t use the military without putting US troops in danger as they were being undermined by bad actors using their own satellites to watch and listen to them and get them killed so that they could blame Trump.That’s my theory. I think that it was Bruce Ohr’s testimony that allowed for that. That pussy is like the nexus of illegal, treasonous DoJ programs.

Trump just stood there in the room with his arms crossed and his bottom lip jutting out while the committee announced what they were doing based on what they had seen, read, watched and been told by Bruce. A physics nerd like Bruce understands the repercussions of his actions. I’m betting that he has his own “insurance policy” which might consist of lots of evidence of wrongdoing of others.

Ya think?!

Being that he’s the International Racketeering and Drug Trafficing task force chief, something, just something, tells me that he’s got so much shit on people that even the Trump Train Rocket Toilet may be busy flushing that shit down until well after Barron Trump’s second term ends.

That “committee” would have been compelled I’m betting. That much evidence. That much shit that Bruce could produce to save his ass. Trump can’t be implicated in blame for shutting down satellite feeds. He forced certain members of Congress or his NSC to pull the switch there and I’m betting that there is a paper trail of signatures in case they get cute again and wipe out buildings in Manhattan and then try to claim that “we couldn’t see, he threw sand in his eyes….because Putin!”

That’s my theory. I think enough of those “business” cards have been handed out to scare the living shit out of a lot of people in government and military. It IS like the McCarthy era. Nobody knows which side their friends have chosen. They can no longer freely communicate with one another as the stakes are a lethal injection level of serious. That and the fact that their comms are dying daily.

Soon even carrier pigeons will shun their company and never come home.

THAT’S how you run a REAL casino!

RINO Susan Collins of Maine is keeping quiet about how she’s going to vote on SCOTUS.

Cleanup or cover up, Susan?

She wants to see how the others vote maybe. Or maybe she’s in the process of beefing up her security as she gets ready to “confirm” and receive the same hysterical levels of ire as Roy Cohn received after doing what he thought needed to be done. The hour probably seemed pretty late in his eyes. Nuclear war was brand new.

Anyhow. I’m just noticing that a lot of members of Congress are becoming very secretive about what cards they’re holding and getting ready to lay down, even though somebody keeps telling them that…

“This is not a game!”

Globalism is actually Chinese Nationalism

The White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy’s report on China’s economic aggression is a fascinating read.

With every example it gives of Chinese economic policy advancing Chinese interests, I thought to myself, “It would be awesome if the US adopted precisely these same policies with respect to foreign companies operating in the US.”

The Report showcases a country– China– acting in its own national interest without paying even lip service to any other interest whatsoever. While reading the report, it occurred to me that every globalist policy has the effect of benefiting China. Without exception, globalist policies throttle non-Chinese business and industry, leaving Chinese business and industry stronger.

Do you believe in coincidences?

The globalist rank and file long ago drank their own cool aid and now sincerely believe their propaganda. That leads to some very strange policies. Globalist environmentalism, for example, has practically dismantled Canada’s steel industry. The result is that Canada is dependent on China as a source for “Canadian” steel which it then exports to the US duty-free under NAFTA.

[When I was in school in the 20th Century, I was taught that the definition of a colony was a territory that was a source of raw materials for the mother country and a market for finished goods. By that definition, we are being colonized by Communist China.]

Without Chinese steel, there would be no Canadian auto manufacturing to speak of. Yet Canadian globalists sincerely believe that they are doing the right thing for “the environment” by de-industrializing.

Globalist environmental policy moves Chinese people to Vancouver while shutting down clean Canadian industry and shifting production to polluting China. [First Law of Thermodynamics: you can never win. Second Law of Thermodynamics: you can’t even tie.]

A couple of years ago, seemingly out of nowhere, globalist environmentalists in Washington State tried to block oil shipments out of a refinery. No one bothered to point out that every single one of them drove there, almost all from Seattle. This was similar to a “protest” several years earlier when globalist environmentalists tried to block an oil platform transiting through a Seattle area waterway… using their plastic kayaks. No one noticed the disconnect. How many of their petroleum-based kayaks were made in China?

In both instances, the globalist environmentalists not only increased the demand for fossil fuels, they simply attacked American production, effectively driving up prices and thereby driving oil extraction towards countries with comparatively few or lax environmental laws.

A few days ago, I saw globalists waving signs over the freeway saying “Save the salmon.” I thought to myself, “don’t eat seafood! The Chinese need it.”

Pervasive globalist environmental propaganda has convinced many people in western Washington to accept the premise that there is a shortage of water and that something– urgently– must be done about it. This is despite the fact that there is not now, nor has there ever been, a shortage of water anywhere in western Washington. The region is a temperate rain forest. In fact, water is so plentiful that it wasn’t even metered in my town until globalist judges recently required it. Water is so abundant that it is irrational– quite literally irrational– to meter it because the costs of doing so exceed the value of the thing being metered.

What would it look like if mass media convinced people in the Sahara to discard their own experience and adopt the belief that sand is scarce and needs to be conserved? I have a difficult time imagining such an absurdity, but that is what is going on with respect to water in western Washington.

Globalist policies hobble industry everywhere but in China. Thus, globalist environmental policies increase global pollution by driving industry out of clean developed nations and into Communist China, where polluting is the norm.

Delve deeply into the funding of environmental movements and you’ll find Chinese influence.

In recent years, we have seen organized mobs attack the symbols of our history by tearing down statues while their foreign-owned media allies push for streets and parks to be renamed for those who want us dead. Where have we seen such tactics before?

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Mass media fanning mob violence is a tactic of the Chinese Communist Party.

China is thousands of years old. The US is a comparative baby. We are too immature to accept that our enemies will hijack our institutions and turn them against us if we permit them to. But that is precisely what the Chinese are doing right now, this instant, today. They have quietly bought up real estate all up and down the west coast. Chinese absentee owners often remove their properties from commerce altogether.

Foreign ownership of business and real estate is per se contrary to any country’s national interest.

Consider this 2005 speech by the Vice-Chairman Of China’s Military Commission in light of the foregoing. That vision represents the military plans in harmony with China’s economic aggression against the West, particularly the US.

China cannot feed itself and its economic model is dependent on exports. In other words, China cannot produce what it consumes and cannot consume what it produces. China therefore must take over foreign food production (example: Smithfield farms) and must stymie non-Chinese industry at every turn (example: every globalist environmental regulation everywhere) in order to survive in its current form and at current population levels.

So-called “free trade” advances Chinese industrial interests at the expense of our own. Our politicians are for sale, and it is business as usual for lobbyists to write legislation on behalf of their multinational clients. Those multinational clients eagerly trade away American sovereignty for access to China’s markets on China’s terms.

We also see this in the attacks on our free speech. In American jurisprudence, there is no such thing as “hate speech”. But that isn’t taught in any school or promulgated in any media outlet. On the contrary, social media companies such as Facebook (and others) actively seek to deplatform nationalist ideas under the guise of combating “hate speech.” In other words, it is corporate censorship. And corporate censorship is a requirement for access to the Chinese social media market. Globalist speech policies are precisely aligned with Communist Chinese interests.

In light of General Chi’s speech about a military plan against the US, it is interesting to note that globalists attack the Second Amendment at every opportunity.

In other words, globalism aims to seize our industries, take over our agriculture, hijack our laws, impose pro-Chinese censorship on our communications, and disarm us in the process.

Is it any wonder that globalism also aggressively promotes homosexuality, not having children “for the environment”, normalizing the madness of so-called “gender” dysphoria, funding abortion on demand, and promoting other policies that destroy the family and white reproduction?


This is the Prime Minister of Canada

The Chinese play a long game, and think in terms far longer than we have even existed. China’s goal is nothing less than the complete takeover of the US which is also, precisely, the goal of globalism.

It all fits together: Globalism is actually Chinese nationalism.