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The Kakistocracy

Modern Neo-Bolsheviks tend to give the game away with the first question. What Happens to #MeToo When a Feminist is the Accused? Well if MeToo was propelled by any neutral morality, then nothing different would happen whatsoever. The accused would be guilty, their career would be over, and prosecutors would be preparing their closing statements. Instead, the NYTs had to ask the question rather than answer it. And that’s more of a lewd reveal of their pantiless principles than they probably intended.

In this case it was a male accuser and a female accused. That creates an uncomfortable tension in the left’s decision tree. Are accusers always right or are men always wrong. There’s only one way to know for certain: which of the two are heterosexual, conservative, or white gentiles? In this case neither. Both of the grapplers were leftist homosex jews, which paradoxically put the NYTs commenters in…

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To The End Of The World With A Friend



You wake up from an intense dream in which a voice spoke: Two more days and it’s just you two. You later talk with your friend, who tells you that he slept badly. The next night you have a dream in which pet dogs, even the friendly breeds, circle you hungrily. A man’s back presses against yours. You don’t see his face but you trust him. Then that same voice tells you: One more day. Everyone dies except you two. The next day is heavy. Bright sun and cool air, just like on the morning of 9/11. It’s just your grogginess, everything else is normal. You feel a yearning to hug the most beloved people in your life. You shrug it off and make it a normal day. Impulsively, you stop at your friend’s house but his wife says that he had slept badly the last two nights so…

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Drain The FBI

“The US has become a banana republic. The sooner we accept our nation’s demotion in designation, the fewer moral qualms we’ll feel about doing what needs to be done to aggressively sweep out the Globohomo Order for new MAGA blood.”

Statement of the year.

Chateau Heartiste

The corrupt and compromised FBI is filled fifth column to fifth column with Clinton lackeys and NeverTrumpers. I’m not exaggerating. Recent news has dropped that FBI agent Peter Strzok, while working in his capacity as the lead investigator in both the Clinton email case and the phony Russia collusion hysteria, had been sending rabidly anti-Trump text messages and pro-thecunt texts back and forth with his mistress Lisa Page, also a pro-Hillary Pussyhatter. Mueller silently demoted him months ago, but the news about the texts has just now trickled out because Mueller and his team sat on the info and stonewalled Congress about it.

Ingrained Clinton-Globohomo bias suffuses the Creep State Swamp, and the FBI arm of the beast is no exception to this rule. If anyone was under the impression that Trump would receive fair and impartial treatment from our nation’s decorated and entrusted law enforcers, I have one word…

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The Calm Before The Storm?

There’s all manner of chatter on /pol/ and Twatter about a large number of sealed indictments in federal courts across the country. Perhaps this is business as usual, perhaps not.

If it is Trump’s “calm before the storm,” here’s my take on how it may be unfolding.

It is axiomatic that since the US went off the golf standard in the early 1970s, fiat dollars can only ultimately be spent in the US; the dollar has no inherent value. It is fiat currency only, although it is de facto tied to petroleum because OPEC transactions are in dollars.

As the US spent fiat dollars purchasing Arab oil (and, later, Chinese-made consumer goods), those dollars necessarily flowed back to the US. However, not in a way we might have hoped.

For decades, Arabs (i.e. Muslims) and Chinese have been using fiat US dollars to lobby for legislation favorable to their nations. That they would do so is also axiomatic; it’s how laws are made in this country. Americans are extremely naive in that the US is only 241 years old while Arab countries and China are thousands of years old. Until 2016, it did not appear to concern many Americans that this has been the case.

It is my conjecture that, during his trip to Saudi Arabia, President Trump made a deal with King Salman to cut off the flow of such money to US lobbyists and politicians.

It is my further conjecture that during his current trip to Asia, President Trump has made a deal with President Xi to cut off the flow of Chinese money to US lobbyists and politicians. Chinese money has very quietly bought up the most valuable real estate on the entire west coast of North America. It has pushed house prices beyond the reach of the middle class. That is political instability per se.

It also appears as if Chinese money has bought politicians, particularly west coast Democrats, which are enacting legislation at the state and municipal level that directly attack property rights using “the environment” as a pretext. For example, in western Washington State it is impossible to get a well-drilling permit without first proving that one’s proposed well will not have a negative impact on someone with more senior water rights elsewhere. Aside from the logical impossibility of proving a negative, the premise itself is absurd; there is not now, nor has there ever been, a shortage of water anywhere in western Washington. So building single family homes (i.e. the American dream) is increasingly difficult and expensive. Yet Chinese- and Japanese-owned development companies are building high rise, Agenda 21 compliant, multi-family residential living facilities without a peep in the (foreign owned) media about “muh water.”

Fortunately, transferring wealth out of China is looked upon with great disfavor by the Chinese government. Doing so is a crime, and astonishing levels of wealth that has moved out of China and into the US is, from the Chinese perspective, political corruption per se.

The coming storm may very well be the prosecution for corruption of US politicians and law firms for serving as agents of foreign powers, and other crimes of corruption. If this is the case, expect to see indictments of high level politicians in both political parties.

As far as I’m concerned, this can’t happen fast enough. Let the chips fall where they may: every politician in both parties that have sold out the American national interest should go to prison.

“If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!”– Hillary Clinton, speaking on behalf of swamp creatures.

Bring on the storm.