To The VCDL President


Dear Sir,

The media narrative is stacked against us. The Left is going by their playbook, just like they always do. We can’t win this.

Here’s a Public Relations suggestion: cancel the rally due to credible threats of violence from Antifa. Only a fool would enter the cage around the Capitol unarmed, and to do so armed would be to violate the law. So don’t do it.

VCDL has been extremely effective at the county level. Public opinion is definitely on your side. The Left would never, ever in a million years expect you do cancel. Their guns are fixed in the other direction. Don’t take the bait and don’t let the Left win this.

Issue a public statement cancelling the rally because of credible threats from Antifa. It won’t cost you any supporters, and it will make you look magnanimous in the eyes of the undecided.

Then go on the PR offensive about Tyranny. This is the last thing the media would expect you to do. Do it.

Best regards,


The Left Goes Hot in 2020. Part 1: Richmond

The Left is going hot this year.

The first upcoming installment will be in Richmond, VA on Monday. While I commend the work that the Virginia Citizens Defense League has done at the county level, holding a mass rally at the state Capitol will not produce any results to advance their cause. On the contrary, the Left will be deploying Antifa to attack and provoke self-defense so the Left can claim to be victimized by “white supremacists” and push for more restrictions on firearms, speech, association, etc. In other words the Bill of Rights.

The Media Narrative is already pushing this. The playbook is written, the trap is set. Don’t walk into it. The Left desperately needs a racially divisive issue or event to try to stanch the loss of black votes Trump is winning over. Remember, Monday is Martin Luther King Day. A perfect storm is brewing.

[There are no real non-FBI “white supremacist” groups. None at all. There is no such thing as the KKK, and hasn’t been for decades. It’s all FBI.]

When you think of who benefits from public “rallies” of the so-called Right, it’s the Left every time. That’s all you need to know to know who promotes them the most.

Who benefits from images of people carrying Nazi and Confederate flags? The Left. Anyone doing so is quite literally carrying a false flag to advance the Left’s agenda.

You’d have to be a fool to set foot inside this cage.


Terms of Service

Have you noticed that all social media platforms are updating their “Terms of Service” roughly about now? Youtube’s changes took effect 10 days ago; Twitter’s take effect in the New Year, along with Patreon’s and, curiously, Trip Advisor’s. Of course, the changes are opaque by design.

And there are all out confiscatory anti-firearms bills pending in many states.

Meanwhile, if you live in an incorporated city or town it’s next to impossible to get a permit to build a new single family house on an undeveloped lot. If you live in the county, it’s quite difficult to get a permit to drill a well.

God help you if you wish to live apart from your enemies.

Let’s read these together: they contravene the 1st (association and free speech), 2nd (right to keep and bear arms), 4th (so-called “red flag” laws), and 5th (takings of private property without compensation) Amendments.

Americans are experiencing an assault on the Bill of Rights… by “our” government(s).

Things inimical to the Bill of Rights are un- and anti- American. Therefore, they most likely come from outside of America. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that our institutions have been infiltrated by foreign interests.

Just a hunch: WP is next. Plan accordingly…