Political Correctness is Biological Warfare

Larping is unsustainable. What is unsustainable, by definition, cannot be sustained. Therefore, what cannot be sustained will not be sustained. Put another way, it is destined to fail.

What prompted this is something I just heard on the police radio scanner in my small, mostly white– by which I mean intensely liberal– city. Two men were reported to be fighting in a city park. One threatened to kill the other with a firearm.

The dispatcher sent a female police officer to intervene.

To review: two men are fighting, one threatens to kill the other with a firearm, and a woman is sent to intervene.

Political correctness is fascinating in that its equalism can just as easily be used to oppose its goals as to support them. To say that it is important for women to be police officers because they are women is no different from saying that women should not be police officers because they are women. If one is going to use sex alone (or race, for that matter) to argue in favor of something, there is no moral difference from using that same standard to argue against it.

Women shouldn’t be police officers.

Why not? Because men and women are not the same. Even if it were true that women could do everything a man can do (and that is demonstrably false), the reverse is not true: a man cannot do everything a woman can do (and that is obvious to everyone).

Men can’t give birth. Men can’t nurse babies. So even if women could do male jobs as well as men, there would be no point in doing so because men can’t do female jobs. Men and women are not interchangeable

Everyone knows this. Anyone denying it is insane, and would have been openly ostracized for it when I was growing up.

And yet every advertisement, every movie, every TV show, every MSM outlet, every university, every multinational organization tries to convince white people to ignore fundamental differences between the sexes. Women are not “empowered” by being placed in male roles, they are being set up to fail in their most basic natural calling: to bear and nurture children. The effect of this is a lowered birth rate.

Political correctness is biological warfare.




  • Confederate statues have in many cases stood uneventfully for over 100 years.
  • No senator or congressman personally writes legislation, ever. Not once. No exceptions. Full stop.
  • Law firms draft legislation on behalf of their clients and present the draft to lawmakers for passage. They use millions of dollars to get the lawmakers to enact legislation favorable to their clients.
  • It is not only not against the law for foreign countries and entities to hire lobbyists law firms to advance their interests, it is business as usual.
  • The US is 241 years old. Our legislative system was set up in a particular time and culture wherein it was unthinkable– it literally could not be imagined– that foreign entities could game the legislature to advance their interests, even when those interests were inimical to American interests.
  • China is 5,000 years old, and plays a long game.
  • Using fiat currency as the medium of exchange, the US has been trading US real estate to the Chinese in exchange for cheap consumer goods for more than a generation. Meanwhile, China has been taking delivery of record amounts of gold bullion.
  • Chinese nationals have been buying up so much real estate on the west coast, that middle class Americans cannot afford to buy a home in west coast cities. These west coast cities are the port cities closest to China.
  • Establishment members of the Uniparty, but especially Democrats, try to thwart American exports from those ports via environmental issues.
  • All of a sudden, communist groups, Sorosian foundations, and politicians are all up in arms over Confederate statues.
  • Foreign owned and/or globalist controlled mass media is in hysterics over “nazis.” [Reminder, World War 2 ended in 1945.]

With the above points in mind, consider this article by the official Chinese Global Times (h/t The Conservative Treehouse).

The US and China have just started trade negotiations. President Trump rejects globalism, which has impoverished many Americans while enriching foreign countries and companies.

Consider the context and probable Chinese origin of the current domestic unrest.


This is an elaboration to a comment I made at Chateau Heartiste.

James Fields was  lost and fleeing Antifa thugs who were chasing after him and attacking his car with bats and bricks. Photographic evidence is all over /pol/. No way was this “terrorism.”

Fender strikePost fender strike

[The notations on the photos are the work of anon at /pol/]

Until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at a fair trial, Fields is presumed innocent. No doubt, he’s terrified.

If he was a terrorist acting with the specific intent to kill, he would not have backed up. On the contrary, he would have continued forward into the crowd. Hell, he also would have rented a large, heavy truck to inflict maximum casualties.

Take two minutes and write him a letter to let him know he’s not forgotten. I think he can beat the attempted murder charges with a decent lawyer. (Of course, the epic chimpout that would follow a not-guilty verdict is probably exactly what the left wants.)

James Fields
Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail
160 Peregory Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22902

You can contribute to his canteen fund here: http://www.albemarle.org/department.asp?department=jail&relpage=4300

Are We Being Prayed?

This is based on a comment I made earlier today at The Conservative Treehouse.

I’m beginning to form the opinion that China is behind the US push to confront Russia.

Our laws are drafted by lobbyist law firms on behalf of their clients and then presented to Congressmen and Senators for enactment. No Senator writes legislation. Hell, much of the time they may not even know who the client is.

Trade imbalances matter. For a generation, we have been sending fiat currency to China to pay for cheap consumer goods. That money can ultimately only be spent in the US, and boy are they spending it here. The Chinese have been buying up so much real estate on the west coast that the market is beyond the reach of middle class Americans. Check the price of a house– any house at all– in any west coast city and tell me who can afford one. Is it merely a coincidence that west coast cities are the US ports closest to China?

Why are California, Oregon and Washington– among other states– entering into agreements with China (in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution) to adhere to the Paris Climate Accords, which restrict US energy and industrial activity? From any standpoint or ideology, such agreements are against US interests. And yet they are being made.

Why are so many cities and towns in those states defying federal law and being “sanctuary cities”? Why has California and other slave states enacted the provisions of the UN Small Arms Treaty in defiance of the Second Amendment? Why did a super majority of both parties in Congress just vote to place tremendous economic sanctions against Russia, exactly? Again, viewed from the national interest, this is not something that should have passed Congress. And yet it did, with astonishing speed.

What US national interest, exactly, is advanced by NATO operating on former Soviet territory? I’m unable to identify one. Why is the US taking any position at all about the government and territory of Ukraine, which is as firmly in the Russian sphere of influence as Mexico is in ours?

Cui bono?

China bonos, that’s who. China benefits immediately and directly from any conflict between Russia and the US, up to and including hot war.

China is thousands of years old and the Chinese play a long game, with rules (if any) very different from ours. We’re 241 years old and still wet behind the ears. We should be very wary about being drawn into ancient Asian rivalries. I believe that China (and Middle Eastern countries) are using their billions of US dollars to pay American lobbyists to draft legislation that favors their interests. Why wouldn’t they? Our government– federal, state, and local– is being hijacked by foreign interests. I’m not suggesting that individual lawmakers at any level are necessarily even aware of this. They’re just following their lobbyist’s orders.

We need major legal reform if we are to survive as a sovereign nation. Lobbying on behalf of any foreign entity should be defined as treason and made a capital offense.

We’re being prayed, bigry.

Anti-White Agitprop, Decoded

Chateau Heartiste

A hilarious comment from realgaryseven over at the Goodbye, America blog had me in stitches. He decodes the anti-White agitprop in a (shamefully typical) Faceborg ad:

White woman attention whoring on her phone; Negro/ mystery meat ecstatic that he’s in a position to lord it over whitey; Hispanic man trying to comprehend English; Asian woman emailing industrial secrets to China; White man in the background wondering how this came to be.

Too funny.

If this was a one-off ad, I would say, eh, coincidence, means little. But it’s not. It’s one anti-White ad in a succession of similar millions that have polluted our brainwaves and earcaves for at least a decade. This agenda is deliberate. It is hatred. It is the indoctrination that precedes real genocide, if awareness of its malevolent existence isn’t obtained in time to avoid the inevitable bloodshed.

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Refugee contractor Episcopal Migration Ministries is 99.5% funded by you, will close some offices

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This is old news from back in April and I don’t know if they have changed their minds about closing offices after it was announced by the Dept. of Stateon May 26th that the number of refugees being admitted to the US is going to tick up to 1,500 a week.

Since the refugee contractors*** are paid by the head to place refugees in your towns and cities they may feel there is some hope for their finances to pick up with an increase in paying client (aka refugees) arrivals.

(As of June 11th, 47,434 refugees have been admitted to the US in FY17. This is 9,328 refugees since the supposed moratorium began and 17,312 since Trump was inaugurated.)

Rev. Canon E. Mark Stevenson and staff at EMM headquarters in NY city. http://episcopaldigitalnetwork.com/ens/2017/04/04/trumps-immigration-policies-force-reduction-of-episcopal-churchs-refugee-resettlement-network/

However, office closure news isn’t the primary reason I’m posting this news.  I’m posting…

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