Ignore the understandable historical conflation between Communism (everyone’s mortal enemy) and Russia (our friend) during the Cold War, and consider how much of this nightmare has actually come true in our own time, and in its own way…


BBC Dey Gon Down Shitta

We used to educate the ignorant.

But in today’s enlightened (i.e. benighted) age, up is down, black is white, etc. We now know that to educate the ignorant is to denigrate them. Now, we dumb down everyone else instead.

Many years ago, I spent some time in the Caribbean. I was fascinated by the dialect. If there aren’t words for nuanced ideas, there can be no nuanced conversation. Put another way, if “yay mon” means just about everything, it also doesn’t mean very much at all.

The BBC is now publishing and broadcasting in Pidgin.

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution Comes To America

Cultural revolution

The current madness being exploited by cynical leftist politicians in the US is familiar. We have seen it before, in communist China between 1966 and 1976.

It is impossible to know how many people were murdered, but that hardly matters. The fact is that people were murdered and all of them were innocent.

There can be no negotiation or compromise with a nihilist movement such the current attack on History because nihilist movements have no limiting principles.

This will not end well for anyone. And especially not for people so easily manipulated, and so utterly dependent on the people and culture they purport to despise, as these:

Statue down


Meanwhile in Seattle…



The Church has been in precipitous decline since Vatican II, and not just the Roman Catholic Church. Protestant denominations have in many cases accelerated past the Roman Church, if only because it takes a little longer to reverse several millennia of supposedly unchangeable doctrine.

Here is an example of how far the Church has declined. One can make a very sound theological argument that the Church is now largely (no pun intended) Satanic.

This is a photo of a communist demonstration against Trump in Philadelphia earlier today, from Twitter account of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Local 13. The people in the foreground left and right (it’s all left, really) purport to be clergy.