Terms of Service

Have you noticed that all social media platforms are updating their “Terms of Service” roughly about now? Youtube’s changes took effect 10 days ago; Twitter’s take effect in the New Year, along with Patreon’s and, curiously, Trip Advisor’s. Of course, the changes are opaque by design.

And there are all out confiscatory anti-firearms bills pending in many states.

Meanwhile, if you live in an incorporated city or town it’s next to impossible to get a permit to build a new single family house on an undeveloped lot. If you live in the county, it’s quite difficult to get a permit to drill a well.

God help you if you wish to live apart from your enemies.

Let’s read these together: they contravene the 1st (association and free speech), 2nd (right to keep and bear arms), 4th (so-called “red flag” laws), and 5th (takings of private property without compensation) Amendments.

Americans are experiencing an assault on the Bill of Rights… by “our” government(s).

Things inimical to the Bill of Rights are un- and anti- American. Therefore, they most likely come from outside of America. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that our institutions have been infiltrated by foreign interests.

Just a hunch: WP is next. Plan accordingly…

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