The Calm Before The Storm?

There’s all manner of chatter on /pol/ and Twatter about a large number of sealed indictments in federal courts across the country. Perhaps this is business as usual, perhaps not.

If it is Trump’s “calm before the storm,” here’s my take on how it may be unfolding.

It is axiomatic that since the US went off the golf standard in the early 1970s, fiat dollars can only ultimately be spent in the US; the dollar has no inherent value. It is fiat currency only, although it is de facto tied to petroleum because OPEC transactions are in dollars.

As the US spent fiat dollars purchasing Arab oil (and, later, Chinese-made consumer goods), those dollars necessarily flowed back to the US. However, not in a way we might have hoped.

For decades, Arabs (i.e. Muslims) and Chinese have been using fiat US dollars to lobby for legislation favorable to their nations. That they would do so is also axiomatic; it’s how laws are made in this country. Americans are extremely naive in that the US is only 241 years old while Arab countries and China are thousands of years old. Until 2016, it did not appear to concern many Americans that this has been the case.

It is my conjecture that, during his trip to Saudi Arabia, President Trump made a deal with King Salman to cut off the flow of such money to US lobbyists and politicians.

It is my further conjecture that during his current trip to Asia, President Trump has made a deal with President Xi to cut off the flow of Chinese money to US lobbyists and politicians. Chinese money has very quietly bought up the most valuable real estate on the entire west coast of North America. It has pushed house prices beyond the reach of the middle class. That is political instability per se.

It also appears as if Chinese money has bought politicians, particularly west coast Democrats, which are enacting legislation at the state and municipal level that directly attack property rights using “the environment” as a pretext. For example, in western Washington State it is impossible to get a well-drilling permit without first proving that one’s proposed well will not have a negative impact on someone with more senior water rights elsewhere. Aside from the logical impossibility of proving a negative, the premise itself is absurd; there is not now, nor has there ever been, a shortage of water anywhere in western Washington. So building single family homes (i.e. the American dream) is increasingly difficult and expensive. Yet Chinese- and Japanese-owned development companies are building high rise, Agenda 21 compliant, multi-family residential living facilities without a peep in the (foreign owned) media about “muh water.”

Fortunately, transferring wealth out of China is looked upon with great disfavor by the Chinese government. Doing so is a crime, and astonishing levels of wealth that has moved out of China and into the US is, from the Chinese perspective, political corruption per se.

The coming storm may very well be the prosecution for corruption of US politicians and law firms for serving as agents of foreign powers, and other crimes of corruption. If this is the case, expect to see indictments of high level politicians in both political parties.

As far as I’m concerned, this can’t happen fast enough. Let the chips fall where they may: every politician in both parties that have sold out the American national interest should go to prison.

“If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!”– Hillary Clinton, speaking on behalf of swamp creatures.

Bring on the storm.



Ignore the understandable historical conflation between Communism (everyone’s mortal enemy) and Russia (our friend) during the Cold War, and consider how much of this nightmare has actually come true in our own time, and in its own way…

Two Constitutional Crises Coming Soon

Two major constitutional crises are on the short-term horizon.

The first is the recent 4th Circuit decision upholding a lower court ruling against the so-called “travel ban.” There’s more than a hundred pages of gobbledy-gook, but the only way the court could reach that decision was to extend the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause to the entire world. Otherwise, the plaintiffs would not have had standing to sue. You can read it here. If your eyes glaze over, skip to the dissent. If the Supreme Court upholds this decision by making something up that isn’t in the Constitution (typical), the Globalists will have won their battle in court. The Nationalists, who want to preserve US sovereignty and the makeup of our society, would have nothing to lose by going hot. On the other hand, if the Court rules in favor of the ban, it would be a victory for those who value the rule of law (Nationalists), and a setback for the Global Left, which doesn’t ever play by the rules, admit defeat, or go away. The Left is extremely violent, as history has shown over and over. The Left in such a situation could go hot, although I think that’s much less likely than the reverse scenario because they are in power in California, NY, and a few other large Blue States. (If the court splits 4 to 4, the 4th Circuit decision stands. That’s the worse possible outcome, in my opinion, but it could happen if Justice Ginzburg expires before a decision is handed down, or recuses herself because of her campaign comments and/or Justice Kennedy cucks.)

In no case is the division between “liberal” and “conservative.” It is between Nationalists and Globalists, which will make for some very interesting alliances and curious bed fellows (such as lifelong Democrats voting for Trump and Recucklicans like McStain, Ryan, and McConnell seeking to thwart their own party’s president whenever possible).

The second constitutional crisis is California and other states signing “agreements” with foreign governments. Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution explicitly forbids states entering into treaties, but that is precisely what California, Oregon, Washington are doing. Other states have announced they will go along with California: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and wannabe Puerto Rico. The last is of course not even a state.

There is definitely a gigantic collision on the near horizon because of these two intractable issues.

The Paris Climate Accords (which no one in media or social media on either side of the issue has read, or is even remotely familiar with in any meaningful way) is not about the weather. Climate change is too nebulous and in any event cannot be reduced to a testable hypothesis. This is a deliberate move by the Globalists, who are maneuvering to transfer wealth from the US to China and elsewhere.

I put the odds of California increasingly ignoring the federal Constitution at 100%. Oregon and Washington’s governments will go along with California’s, although majority populations in counties east of the Cascades will not want to. There’s not much they could do about it, except perhaps to join Idaho. Will the coastal blue parts of those states say good riddance and to each his own? That’s the best case scenario.

What will the federal government do about California? I am 100% certain that China will back California like we back Taiwan, and there’s not much the Federal government could do about California’s actions short of going to war with California, which I think is unlikely.

Our mass media is either outright owned/majority shareholder-controlled by foreigners (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fox, Twitter, etc.) or global corporations (CNN, Facebook, Hollywood studios, etc.) that are inimical to a sovereign US. Thus you can be assured that the level of shilling and fake news will continue to increase even beyond their already hysterical levels.

The tricky part: California agriculture feeds much of the US, but California agribusiness is dependent on the rest of the US for the water it needs to do so. Our times are about to get very, very interesting.

Either Trump will be impeached and removed from office through an exercise of raw globalist power or top-level Globalists in both parties are going to jail.

I don’t know the outcomes of any of these scenarios, I’m just certain that they are headed our way, and fast.

In The Presence of a Great Man

I recently attended a Trump rally.

The enthusiasm of the crowd was something I have never before experienced. When Mr. Trump walked onto the stage, the crowd erupted in thunderous cheers and applause. He stood and waved for a moment, shook a few hands of the people seated behind him, and then strove purposefully to the lectern.

Although there were thousands of people present, many times he heard individual voices and replied to them. More than once, he looked me directly in the eye while he was speaking. I asked people around me if they had had that experience too, and every one of them had.

Words fail to describe his presence. He has such intense, yet disarming, personal charisma that instantly instills confidence and trust. He is a man of his word; there can be no question about that.

The thing that meant the most to me was what he did after his speech. He spent about 30 seconds shaking hands with the Republicrats sitting behind him (who last week at this time were Cruzbots). Then he turned and walked down the stairs and to the front of the crowd of ordinary people. He instinctively knows that his supporters are the most loyal, and he rewarded that loyalty.

Mr. Trump is worth more than $10 Billion. In other words, his time is incredibly valuable. Yet he took the time to shake the hand of, or autograph something for, every single person in the section in front of the stage. It was absolutely electrifying, and I have never experienced anything like it in my life.

Imagine how many people have spent immense amounts of time and money attempting to get Mr. Trump’s signature. Yet he gave it to me and my friends for free.

We can debate policy. Those who read my blog know that I am a monarchist. But policies and -isms are means to ends, they are not ends in themselves. It has been said that Mr. Trump’s supporters are the most loyal, and there can be no doubt about that. His approach to this election (though as a monarchist I believe that democracy itself is the problem) has been nothing short of brilliant. His first position paper was on the Second Amendment. Basically, he told armed law-abiding citizens that he will not permit the government to disarm them. That cemented the loyalty of a core of the right, and allowed him to move to much more centrist positions. Because he is the head of a family dynasty and his legacy is his family name, those of us on the far right can trust and know that he has our back. Because of that loyalty and trust, when he takes a centrist position we know that he’s doing so for strategic purposes, and he will not sell us out. I believe that. Having been in his presence and having had a momentary interaction with him, I am certain that the loyalty of his followers is well-placed indeed. That loyalty runs in both directions, of that I am certain.

I experienced his presence, I listened to him speak, I looked him in the eye. Based on that, I am certain that he is a straight shooter, a man of principle, a man of his word.

God save Donald J. Trump.

This is my hat. There are many like it, but this one is mine!