Refugee contractor Episcopal Migration Ministries is 99.5% funded by you, will close some offices

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This is old news from back in April and I don’t know if they have changed their minds about closing offices after it was announced by the Dept. of Stateon May 26th that the number of refugees being admitted to the US is going to tick up to 1,500 a week.

Since the refugee contractors*** are paid by the head to place refugees in your towns and cities they may feel there is some hope for their finances to pick up with an increase in paying client (aka refugees) arrivals.

(As of June 11th, 47,434 refugees have been admitted to the US in FY17. This is 9,328 refugees since the supposed moratorium began and 17,312 since Trump was inaugurated.)

Rev. Canon E. Mark Stevenson and staff at EMM headquarters in NY city.

However, office closure news isn’t the primary reason I’m posting this news.  I’m posting…

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The Left’s National Pastime

The Kakistocracy

Well the crack of the bat took on an unusual timbre at this morning’s congressional softball practice. It was there that a typically psychopathic prog named James T. Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois, specifically sought out republican targets and commenced to firing an equivalent number of rounds as were expended at the Battle of Verdun. The vast majority of these inconvenienced nothing but mosquitos, though by sheer weight of statistical probability a congressman, his aid, and two capitol police were struck–as of this writing none fatally.

Of course the scope of media reporting for such events is determined strictly by where assailant and victim fall in the who/whom continuum. Thus once no Casualties of Color were identified, decorum demands no more national coverage than if the shooting were merely a black daycare worker torturing a white baby to death.

But Drudge rolled out the bold red fonts and congressmen tend to…

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Constructing a Narrative

No one is defending Dylann Roof, especially not Dylann Roof.

Against that reality, it is all the more fascinating to watch FBI agents use leading questions about what Roof’s opinions “must have been” — what ideas he had, what material he read, what movies he watched, what he read, how he “felt”, etc..– as if such things had anything to do with anything.

Once again, no one is defending Dylann Roof, especially not Dylann Roof.

By using leading questions (i.e. projecting) FBI interviewers are literally constructing a narrative.

What Makes Anti-Nationalists Tick?

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Being a Nationalist today is certainly not an easy lifestyle. The subject of foreign invaders or international usury is often talked about among ourselves. The subject that isn’t discussed as often is the “Anti-Nationalists” among us of our own ethnic/racial background. The reason why I refer to them as “Anti-Nationalist” is because that term is more broad. All Traitors and Leftists are “Anti-Nationalists” but so are people who simply believe we are morally wrong.

In this article I will examine the different types of “Anti-Nationalists” among us. There are some who are outright enemies and some who are not.  But to understand all of them,  one must first understand the concept of what is called”Παράδειγμα” (Paradima).

This is translated into English as “Paradigm“. It is a word not well converted into an English definition so I will use a real world…

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