Constructing a Narrative

No one is defending Dylann Roof, especially not Dylann Roof.

Against that reality, it is all the more fascinating to watch FBI agents use leading questions about what Roof’s opinions “must have been” — what ideas he had, what material he read, what movies he watched, what he read, how he “felt”, etc..– as if such things had anything to do with anything.

Once again, no one is defending Dylann Roof, especially not Dylann Roof.

By using leading questions (i.e. projecting) FBI interviewers are literally constructing a narrative.

What Makes Anti-Nationalists Tick?

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Being a Nationalist today is certainly not an easy lifestyle. The subject of foreign invaders or international usury is often talked about among ourselves. The subject that isn’t discussed as often is the “Anti-Nationalists” among us of our own ethnic/racial background. The reason why I refer to them as “Anti-Nationalist” is because that term is more broad. All Traitors and Leftists are “Anti-Nationalists” but so are people who simply believe we are morally wrong.

In this article I will examine the different types of “Anti-Nationalists” among us. There are some who are outright enemies and some who are not.  But to understand all of them,  one must first understand the concept of what is called”Παράδειγμα” (Paradima).

This is translated into English as “Paradigm“. It is a word not well converted into an English definition so I will use a real world…

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American Aberrationalism: Trump is Normal, the Republican Party is Not



From the end of the American Civil War until the First World War, and then again until the FDR administration, an alliance of Northern industrial and business interests dominated the federal government of the United States through the vehicle of the Republican party, and left their stamp on American politics. The only Democrats who held the office of president were Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, and Woodrow Wilson, compared to 11 Republicans. These Republican presidents were also responsible for most Supreme Court appointees, which resulted in a court so Republican that their Democratic successor FDR attempted to pass the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937, which would have let him appoint six more Justices, and therefore remove most Republican constitutional challenges to the New Deal.

Roughly sixty years of Republican administration had a lasting impact on the United States. The ideology of the Republican party at that time, and which…

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