The Great Uncucking

The Great Awakening refers to several periods of Christian revival in the United States. With that in mind, I suggest that we may be on the verge of what I call The Great Uncucking.

Like churches in Europe and the Roman Catholic Church (((globally))), all Christian denominations in the US are currently cucked. Of course, this was accelerated by the Vatican II Council in the 1960s. Since Vatican II, every denomination has shrunk faster than the overall change in demographics. Put another way, white people have been leaving the churches in droves since the 1960s.

Never before in history has the Christianity simply declined. Sure, some Christian areas have been conquered and Christians have been persecuted, but for Christianity to simply collapse is unprecedented. And it’s not that religion itself is in decline. On the contrary, the violent, (((global))) expansion of Islam demonstrates that religion in general is expanding, not contracting.

Theologically speaking, it is conceptually impossible for the church to decline if it is doing God’s will [just as, for example, it is conceptually impossible to imagine a round square]. And yet the church is very much in decline. Therefore, the church is not doing God’s will and has not been doing so since Vatican II. The concept of repentance (which appears to derive from French “repenser” or “rethink”) has largely been absent from our churches for many years. Sure, the term is often still used, but it is used as a tool by the clergy to urge their congregations ever Leftward.

It is the churches themselves that need to repent. More specifically, it is the clergy of every major denomination that ought to rethink what they have done to the church. But they won’t because it isn’t in their interests to do so.

Just like a burglar isn’t going to dress like the Hamburgler, the Devil is not going to present himself as a stereotype of evil. No, he will approach you as a friend. That has happened to the church just as it has happened to the rest of our institutions.

The worst offenders, that is the most Satanic, of the churches in the US are the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of North America. Those two receive the largest sums of federal money to import [i.e. cuck] Islam into the United States. These two organizations have been paid hundreds of millions of dollars by the federal government to implement UN migration policies. Those policies are decided by Islamic bureaucrats at the UN. Since one cannot serve both God and Mammon, our fully cucked churches serve Mammon. Indeed, it is a condition of receipt of the federal money that the churches not proselytize. In other words, the money is contingent on the churches not functioning as churches. The poison has been deeply internalized. You can see this by perusing the websites and course catalogues of every seminary of all of the so-called “mainstream” denominations in the US, and presumably elsewhere.

It is axiomatic on the far/alt/neo/what-have-you Right that Democracy is a very big part of the problem. The decline of our societies cannot be reversed by democratic means. But that does not mean that democratic means cannot be used to initiate such a reversal.

If Donald Trump becomes president (and that is a big if because, being unprincipled, the Left will stop at nothing to prevent him from becoming president), I am absolutely certain that he will immediately end the Islamification of the country. Part of that will entail cutting off the Episcopal, Lutheran and other churches from the hundreds of millions of dollars in federal money that they are currently relying on to stay solvent.

When that federal money is cut off, the rent-seeking SJWs who currently control the churches and seminaries will lose their jobs. They will lose their jobs because in order to remain solvent without federal money, churches will have to appeal to their traditional base for funding. And that traditional base is uncucked, traditional white families. Already, SJW clergy are visibly nervous. Being SJWs, they are doubling down on their pro-Islamic, “welcoming” (which is to say, feminized) theology. They may be seeing the handwriting on the wall, albeit probably not consciously. Doubling down is a trait of Leftists that can be used against them to great effect when situations change. The more they double down during the Great Uncucking, the more removed from reality, and hence the more vulnerable, they become. Tar and feathers await them.

So I am guardedly optimistic. It’s going to be an interesting year. But if Trump does make it, I believe that the Great Uncucking may soon begin.


12 thoughts on “The Great Uncucking

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  2. Theologically speaking, it is conceptually impossible for the church to decline if it is doing God’s will [just as, for example, it is conceptually impossible to imagine a round square]. And yet the church is very much in decline. Therefore, the church is not doing God’s will and has not been doing so since Vatican II.

    Although I agree very much with the tenor of your article and, like you, have some degree of optimism for the remnant of genuine Christianity, I think the above quoted is horsepucky, theologically speaking. It is perfectly conceptually possible for the Church to do God’s will and yet to decline. In fact, that is exactly what would happen if all Catholic bishops and priests suddenly decided to give full and uncompromising voice to all the irreformable doctrines of the Church. Overnight, after a brief period of wailing and gnashing of teeth, she would become a purer and more faithful and no doubt smaller Church. After which a period of substantial growth would likely ensue.


    • I may need to find a more accurate word than “decline”, although decline is certainly a part of it. I’m attempting to cover several events with that one word: the 5 decade’s long drop in Sunday attendance, shrinking denominations, prole liturgies, feminized clergy, happy clappy kumbayahism, no longer teaching any semblance of right and wrong (other than the sin of racism, naturally), promoting faggotry to children, and so on. In my opinion, churches since Vatican II have distorted the Word of God and distorted themselves into parodies of what they once were. I don’t see how the present state of the church can possibly be God’s will. Ironically, I think smaller and purer churches are exactly what would appeal to people and therefore have the effect of making them grow, especially in the face of the Islamic invasions.


      • There is a very interesting book (I will have to dig it up as I cannot recall the name) that examines religion in the US in terms of the free market. The conclusion aligns with your analysis, in that religions that adhere to their core traditional tenents grow in popularity. Those that become liberalised ultimitely decline. The fascinating dilemma is that Congregationalism, Methodism and Catholicism all liberalized themselves to gain as many adherents as possible, but short term gains spelled their inevitable decline as core principles (like attendance) stopped being enforced.


    • I was finally able to dig it up. It’s called “The Churching of America: Winner and Losers in Our Religious Economy” by Roger Finke and Rodney Starke. If you ever need hard data to back up the thesis you’ve presented here, this is the book. Fascinating stuff. Keep up the good work.


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