Shots of Wisdom, Part 2


Alcoholism. With regards to drinking, there are two kinds of people. One type of person will have two drinks, feel the buzz, and his body will tell him “I’m done.” The other type of person will also have two drinks, but then the fiend within whispers “feed the buzz.”

Angels. If a stage play is written about Lawrence Auster, one can do worse than the my premise: one of Lucifer’s rebellious angels seeks to make amends with the Almighty. As penance, he assumes a body of bachelor intellectual in New York City who struggles to overcome his Jewish tribalism and achieve wisdom through his writing, ultimately to die of pancreatic cancer. He appears to have fulfilled his journey of penance in the final act and became an angel, as evidenced by the short blog post he wrote ten days before he died.

Authenticity. As presidential candidate, Michael Dukakis presented himself as a phlegmatic, mild-mannered man, ridiculed for…

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