Monarchists For Trump

Isn’t “Monarchists for Trump” conceptually impossible, like trying to imagine a round square?

Ordinarily, yes. But these are not ordinary times.

In recent weeks, Trump has been mentioning his old post office building on Pennsylvania Avenue. That building will far surpass any federal building in a palatial display of power, wealth, and competence. He says that even if he doesn’t win the election, he will be living on Pennsylvania Avenue anyway. And he reminds us that he is paying his own way.

In other words, Trump is going to assume power one way or another. Even if he loses the election to fraud (and this would actually be the preferred outcome), he will already have an office and home in Washington before the election. After the narrow and fraudulent election loss, imagine that he starts making mild suggestions to the civil service on how to efficiently do one thing or another during the lame duck period. The civil service implements his suggestions to great improvement in efficiency. Trump’s private intelligence keeps tabs on what is being done during the lame duck period and lets departing officials and staff know that they will be held accountable for any breach of oath of office or other crime in criminal and civil courts. Trump’s suggestions increase with their success and, soon, they are viewed as legitimate orders by government workers. The military, state national guards, local police departments, local militia, and armed citizens all support Trump. Power gravitates towards the powerful, so Trump becomes the de facto ruler while the (fraudulently) elected president becomes a powerless figurehead. The figurehead is replaced by popular vote every 4 years. The Trump family becomes the American royal family and passes power they hold by authority of respect and competence through the generations. The vestigial figurehead president by customary law follows whatever instructions he is given by the king.

There are vestigial figurehead monarchs in countries with presidents; I say it’s time for a vestigial figurehead president in a country with a king.

Or we continue on our present path of not fighting back and end up like Germany in 1945 or South Africa and Zimbabwe today.


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