We Don’t Have to Live Like This


The School. Exasperated parents are talking with Ryan’s second grade teacher. “I am completely sympathetic, Mr. and Mrs. Clark. Other parents also complained about the disruptiveness. I wish I could do something. I tried to get those new boys moved into an ESL program but the county won’t let me. I’m sorry.” Later at home, Mrs. Clark says to her husband: “we don’t have to live this way.” They begin contacting the other parents about forming that private co-op they’ve talked about earlier.


Social Media. It was June of the previous year, the John Roberts court had just passed its three rainbow rulings. The old man thought that he had mostly normal people on his Facebook friends list but then some acquaintances, along with his daughter, did the rainbow thing on their profile pictures. He considered finally closing his Facebook account, except that stirrings of anger came. He unfriended some deadwood and thought: I’m done…

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