“Adventure, huh? That word stirs up some longing, resentful emotions. I wouldn’t trade in my time as a homeless, hungry teenager, because it’s part of my character and my self-image. But as soon as I got a little security I didn’t want to let it go, and when I was young enough for adventure I saw no value in it.” Reader Heretic Phi

AL2The Open Road

Freedom is not exactly the same thing as liberty, the latter entailing responsibility. In the comments under a recent post, reader JumpinJackFash kicks things off with a response to Suburban_elk’s riffing on youthful optimism and its derailment into techno-utopian fantasy:

I am a young man and you hit the nail right on. I dont want to stay in one place and I want much more than a simple steady life in a homogenous community because I dont think thats enough.

In response, I wrote a…

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