Are We Being Prayed?

This is based on a comment I made earlier today at The Conservative Treehouse.

I’m beginning to form the opinion that China is behind the US push to confront Russia.

Our laws are drafted by lobbyist law firms on behalf of their clients and then presented to Congressmen and Senators for enactment. No Senator writes legislation. Hell, much of the time they may not even know who the client is.

Trade imbalances matter. For a generation, we have been sending fiat currency to China to pay for cheap consumer goods. That money can ultimately only be spent in the US, and boy are they spending it here. The Chinese have been buying up so much real estate on the west coast that the market is beyond the reach of middle class Americans. Check the price of a house– any house at all– in any west coast city and tell me who can afford one. Is it merely a coincidence that west coast cities are the US ports closest to China?

Why are California, Oregon and Washington– among other states– entering into agreements with China (in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution) to adhere to the Paris Climate Accords, which restrict US energy and industrial activity? From any standpoint or ideology, such agreements are against US interests. And yet they are being made.

Why are so many cities and towns in those states defying federal law and being “sanctuary cities”? Why has California and other slave states enacted the provisions of the UN Small Arms Treaty in defiance of the Second Amendment? Why did a super majority of both parties in Congress just vote to place tremendous economic sanctions against Russia, exactly? Again, viewed from the national interest, this is not something that should have passed Congress. And yet it did, with astonishing speed.

What US national interest, exactly, is advanced by NATO operating on former Soviet territory? I’m unable to identify one. Why is the US taking any position at all about the government and territory of Ukraine, which is as firmly in the Russian sphere of influence as Mexico is in ours?

Cui bono?

China bonos, that’s who. China benefits immediately and directly from any conflict between Russia and the US, up to and including hot war.

China is thousands of years old and the Chinese play a long game, with rules (if any) very different from ours. We’re 241 years old and still wet behind the ears. We should be very wary about being drawn into ancient Asian rivalries. I believe that China (and Middle Eastern countries) are using their billions of US dollars to pay American lobbyists to draft legislation that favors their interests. Why wouldn’t they? Our government– federal, state, and local– is being hijacked by foreign interests. I’m not suggesting that individual lawmakers at any level are necessarily even aware of this. They’re just following their lobbyist’s orders.

We need major legal reform if we are to survive as a sovereign nation. Lobbying on behalf of any foreign entity should be defined as treason and made a capital offense.

We’re being prayed, bigry.


Invaders In Calais

The Narrative™ tells us that these people “made their way” to Calais just like they “make their way” to wherever they show up.

But they didn’t walk to Calais from the Middle East and Africa.

Who paid for their transportation from the Middle East? Who paid (and continues to pay) for all those trains from Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics, etc. etc. etc.?

Each one of these jihadists eats several meals each day. Who is feeding them? Where do these jihadists sleep? Who is providing the shelter? Who provides them with water? Cell phones? Cash? Clothing and shoes?

The answer to these and other questions will tell you who the real enemy is. The jihadists must be removed from Europe and North America and returned to Islamic countries, there can be no question about that. But the institutions that are behind this must be disbanded and the people responsible for it tried and executed for treason. No matter which institutions, no matter which people.

French Police Arrest French General

This comes as no surprise to anyone following the situation in Europe.

This morning, the French police arrested a French general who attempted to make a public statement about the Invasion of Europe. Police also attacked and pepper-sprayed his peaceful supporters.

This shameful action must be causing a great deal of grief within the ranks French security services.

When will European security forces join their countrymen in defending their nations?


European Prediction: One Week From Tonight

One week from tonight is Carnival, traditionally a time of revelry, particularly in Catholic regions, before the austerity of Lent, which begins the next day.

It will be the first traditional night day/night of public revelry since New Year’s Eve, known as Silvester in Germany, although there will probably also be much public activity this coming weekend. The information about the scale of what really took place in Köln and other European cities on New Year’s Eve has been deliberately hidden, censored (HoGeSa’s website has vanished, while Cuckersperg cooperates with Merkel), or downplayed by our elites. But the truth eventually comes out.

European governments have been using their police forces to side with Moslem invaders against their own native populations in every Western European country, every time. Yet it is axiomatic that the individual members of the security forces are sympathetic to their compatriots.


– Next Tuesday there will be organized Islamic violence against native European women, particularly in Germany. All hell is going to break loose (although those of us not on scene may not know it due to media collusion with Islam);
– At least in some areas, organized European men will fight to protect native women from rape by invaders;
– The security forces will then have to make a choice which side to take: for or against their own countrymen, wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and daughters. Where extremes are closest (think of an omega), there is no middle ground.

I imagine– dare I say hope?– that in at least some cases, the security forces will side with their civilian brothers.