Finland’s Future

I have been very busy with work and have neglected this blog for some time.

Tonight I found a video on YouTube that gives me some hope for the future of Finland: a young man reviewing his Airsoft rifle. Yes, it’s a BB gun and not a firearm, but that’s cool. He is immune to the Feminizing Narrative, and will no doubt grow up to be a leader.

If you are so inclined, please encourage him. I can only imagine what messages he is bombarded with at every turn.

God speed, young man!


Request Of European Readers

It is very difficult to find reliable information on what is going on in the various European countries. I have seen videos posted on YouTube that were posted by local people near the Hungarian border only to find the account gone in a day or two. Mainstream media, of course, either ignore events altogether or lies.

I am looking for blogs and video– especially video on non-Youtube sites– with information on nationalism in European countries– in any language– and efforts to resist the current Islamic invasion, especially locally.

Email links to or feel free to post a link as a comment. I would be grateful for any tips anyone could provide.