Are We Being Prayed?

This is based on a comment I made earlier today at The Conservative Treehouse.

I’m beginning to form the opinion that China is behind the US push to confront Russia.

Our laws are drafted by lobbyist law firms on behalf of their clients and then presented to Congressmen and Senators for enactment. No Senator writes legislation. Hell, much of the time they may not even know who the client is.

Trade imbalances matter. For a generation, we have been sending fiat currency to China to pay for cheap consumer goods. That money can ultimately only be spent in the US, and boy are they spending it here. The Chinese have been buying up so much real estate on the west coast that the market is beyond the reach of middle class Americans. Check the price of a house– any house at all– in any west coast city and tell me who can afford one. Is it merely a coincidence that west coast cities are the US ports closest to China?

Why are California, Oregon and Washington– among other states– entering into agreements with China (in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution) to adhere to the Paris Climate Accords, which restrict US energy and industrial activity? From any standpoint or ideology, such agreements are against US interests. And yet they are being made.

Why are so many cities and towns in those states defying federal law and being “sanctuary cities”? Why has California and other slave states enacted the provisions of the UN Small Arms Treaty in defiance of the Second Amendment? Why did a super majority of both parties in Congress just vote to place tremendous economic sanctions against Russia, exactly? Again, viewed from the national interest, this is not something that should have passed Congress. And yet it did, with astonishing speed.

What US national interest, exactly, is advanced by NATO operating on former Soviet territory? I’m unable to identify one. Why is the US taking any position at all about the government and territory of Ukraine, which is as firmly in the Russian sphere of influence as Mexico is in ours?

Cui bono?

China bonos, that’s who. China benefits immediately and directly from any conflict between Russia and the US, up to and including hot war.

China is thousands of years old and the Chinese play a long game, with rules (if any) very different from ours. We’re 241 years old and still wet behind the ears. We should be very wary about being drawn into ancient Asian rivalries. I believe that China (and Middle Eastern countries) are using their billions of US dollars to pay American lobbyists to draft legislation that favors their interests. Why wouldn’t they? Our government– federal, state, and local– is being hijacked by foreign interests. I’m not suggesting that individual lawmakers at any level are necessarily even aware of this. They’re just following their lobbyist’s orders.

We need major legal reform if we are to survive as a sovereign nation. Lobbying on behalf of any foreign entity should be defined as treason and made a capital offense.

We’re being prayed, bigry.


US/NATO Military Policy Promotes Islam

The title of this post may at first seem absurd. But for more than a generation, the effect of US and NATO (those terms are broadly interchangeable) military policy has been to remove secular governments while creating and supporting the most extreme Islamic movements.

In late 1979, the USSR invaded Afghanistan. Shortly thereafter, the US formed, trained, armed, equipped, and protected al Queda as a force to counter the Soviets. I have been unable to discern any possible US national interest that advanced by that policy. It led directly to the Khobar Towers bombing, the bombing of the USS Cole, the first World Trade Center bombing, 911, and other outrages. Recall that immediately after 911, the Bush administration flew bin Laden family and associates from the US to Saudi Arabia.

In 1993-1995, the US intervened in Bosnia-Herzegovina on the side of Islam. Again, I was and remain unable to discern any US national interest that was advanced by that policy, which continues to this day.

In 1999, the US/NATO/EU (those terms are broadly interchangeable) intervened in Serbia, taking the side of Islam against Orthodox Serbs in Kosovo. I was and remain unable to discern any US national interest that was advanced by that policy, which also continues to this day. Orthodox Serbs are regularly attacked, Christian religious sites are destroyed, and Albanian moslems operating under the protection of US/NATO/EU forces expropriate Serb property. This is going on right now in Kosovo.

In 2003, the US invaded Iraq. I was and remain unable to discern any US national interest that was advanced by that policy. Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq was a stable country where Christians were allowed to practice their religion and Islamic movements were not tolerated. Hussein even wore a tie. In its place, there is now a dysfunctional failed state with Islamists in control of much of its territory.

In 2011, the US/NATO/EU intervened in Libya, which like Iraq had been a stable country with a secular government that allowed Christians to practice their religion and did not tolerate Islamic movements. I was and am unable to discern any US national interest that was advanced by that policy. As with Iraq, Libya is now a dysfunctional failed state with Islamists in control of much of its territory.

A year later, the US turned its attention to Syria, which, like Iraq, had been long governed by a secular government (Assad wears a tie) that allowed Christians to practice their religion and did not tolerate Islamic movements. Once again, I am unable to discern any US national interest that is advanced by intervening in Syria. Seemingly out of nowhere, ISIS appears. From a casual glance in its direction, it is extremely well equipped. It is not a spontaneous local development.

In every one of these cases– Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria– the result of US/NATO/EU policy has been to replace secular governments with Islamic/Salafist governments which in turn export terrorism to Europe and the US.

This morning I learned that Turkey (a NATO member and therefore a US proxy) shot down a Russian fighter plane. The pilots were murdered in their parachutes. Obama was in Turkey days ago. In meetings with Erdogan, Obama referred to moslems in the third first person plural: “we.” Obama and Erdogan are cultural moslems, being from Islamic families. They need not practice their religion to be culturally Islamic just as one need not be a practicing Christian to be culturally Christian. It is inconceivable that Turkey shot down a Russian warplane on its own initiative. The stakes are too high.

“Instead of immediately getting in contact with us, as far as we know, the Turkish side immediately turned to their partners from NATO to discuss this incident, as if we shot down their plane and not they ours.”– Vladimir Putin.

The stakes are much higher than many realize.

The US/NATO/EU has invaded eastern Ukraine and set up a puppet government there. US troops are on the ground in former Soviet territory in Ukraine and the Baltics. As with the Middle East, I am unable to discern any US national interest that is being advanced by this policy. As moslems continue to pour into Europe unchecked, a very dangerous geopolitical situation is developing. All of Europe’s militaries west of Russia are essentially under NATO control. As we saw above, US military policy is consistently pro-Islamic. The countries that are determined to prevent themselves from being overrun by moslems are Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. Those countries are behind NATO’s front lines with Russia. I am concerned that the US/NATO/EU will intervene in those three countries, overthrow their governments, poison their culture with Diversity™, and force them to accept moslems.

Do not forget the billions of petro-dollars flowing from Saudi Arabia into Europe and North America to lobby for Islamic interests and pay for positive portrayals of the so-called “religion of peace.” This money flows to universities, media, cultural organizations, and of course the building of mosques and madrassas in our countries. It corrupts our governments.

We are about to see the results of democracy and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Request Of European Readers

It is very difficult to find reliable information on what is going on in the various European countries. I have seen videos posted on YouTube that were posted by local people near the Hungarian border only to find the account gone in a day or two. Mainstream media, of course, either ignore events altogether or lies.

I am looking for blogs and video– especially video on non-Youtube sites– with information on nationalism in European countries– in any language– and efforts to resist the current Islamic invasion, especially locally.

Email links to or feel free to post a link as a comment. I would be grateful for any tips anyone could provide.