The Church has been in precipitous decline since Vatican II, and not just the Roman Catholic Church. Protestant denominations have in many cases accelerated past the Roman Church, if only because it takes a little longer to reverse several millennia of supposedly unchangeable doctrine.

Here is an example of how far the Church has declined. One can make a very sound theological argument that the Church is now largely (no pun intended) Satanic.

This is a photo of a communist demonstration against Trump in Philadelphia earlier today, from Twitter account of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Local 13. The people in the foreground left and right (it’s all left, really) purport to be clergy.


Political Correctness is Biological Warfare

Larping is unsustainable. What is unsustainable, by definition, cannot be sustained. Therefore, what cannot be sustained will not be sustained. Put another way, it is destined to fail.

What prompted this is something I just heard on the police radio scanner in my small, mostly white– by which I mean intensely liberal– city. Two men were reported to be fighting in a city park. One threatened to kill the other with a firearm.

The dispatcher sent a female police officer to intervene.

To review: two men are fighting, one threatens to kill the other with a firearm, and a woman is sent to intervene.

Political correctness is fascinating in that its equalism can just as easily be used to oppose its goals as to support them. To say that it is important for women to be police officers because they are women is no different from saying that women should not be police officers because they are women. If one is going to use sex alone (or race, for that matter) to argue in favor of something, there is no moral difference from using that same standard to argue against it.

Women shouldn’t be police officers.

Why not? Because men and women are not the same. Even if it were true that women could do everything a man can do (and that is demonstrably false), the reverse is not true: a man cannot do everything a woman can do (and that is obvious to everyone).

Men can’t give birth. Men can’t nurse babies. So even if women could do male jobs as well as men, there would be no point in doing so because men can’t do female jobs. Men and women are not interchangeable

Everyone knows this. Anyone denying it is insane, and would have been openly ostracized for it when I was growing up.

And yet every advertisement, every movie, every TV show, every MSM outlet, every university, every multinational organization tries to convince white people to ignore fundamental differences between the sexes. Women are not “empowered” by being placed in male roles, they are being set up to fail in their most basic natural calling: to bear and nurture children. The effect of this is a lowered birth rate.

Political correctness is biological warfare.


Invaders In Calais

The Narrativeâ„¢ tells us that these people “made their way” to Calais just like they “make their way” to wherever they show up.

But they didn’t walk to Calais from the Middle East and Africa.

Who paid for their transportation from the Middle East? Who paid (and continues to pay) for all those trains from Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics, etc. etc. etc.?

Each one of these jihadists eats several meals each day. Who is feeding them? Where do these jihadists sleep? Who is providing the shelter? Who provides them with water? Cell phones? Cash? Clothing and shoes?

The answer to these and other questions will tell you who the real enemy is. The jihadists must be removed from Europe and North America and returned to Islamic countries, there can be no question about that. But the institutions that are behind this must be disbanded and the people responsible for it tried and executed for treason. No matter which institutions, no matter which people.

New York: Judge Takes Oath On The Koran


Perhaps we’re being trolled and I took the bait. The Koran shown above is in English (thus it is not really the Koran), it appears to be bound like a normal left-to-right book, the story is from a Moroccan website, etc. Be that as it may, this is definitely war by other means. Islam does not permit women to be judges. This judge is a dupe, a tool, a pawn being used– probably by sophisticated Eskimos– as a weapon against Anglo-American jurisprudence. It is entryism. But she will rule in favor of anyone except a white person in any case. Mark my words.

A black moslem woman has reportedly been sworn in as a judge in New York. She took her oath on the Koran.

This is proof that democracy is self-destructive. Any sane society would nip this in the bud. One thing is certain: if Islam gains political control of the US, it will immediately abolish democracy in favor of sharia. Likewise, if any other racial or religious group gained political control, they too would abolish democracy in order to preserve their power.

Why don’t we? It’s still our country. But not for much longer if we continue to extend the benefit of our principles to people who do not share them cuck for outsiders.

The next Current Yearâ„¢ is going to be very interesting. Trump has the support of the majority of legacy Americans. If he wins, the US may yet be preserved. If he loses, I think that the country will not survive much longer, at least not in its current political and geographic form. That will not be a good thing for legacy Americans or for the new Americans who are dependent on them.