Invaders In Calais

The Narrative™ tells us that these people “made their way” to Calais just like they “make their way” to wherever they show up.

But they didn’t walk to Calais from the Middle East and Africa.

Who paid for their transportation from the Middle East? Who paid (and continues to pay) for all those trains from Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics, etc. etc. etc.?

Each one of these jihadists eats several meals each day. Who is feeding them? Where do these jihadists sleep? Who is providing the shelter? Who provides them with water? Cell phones? Cash? Clothing and shoes?

The answer to these and other questions will tell you who the real enemy is. The jihadists must be removed from Europe and North America and returned to Islamic countries, there can be no question about that. But the institutions that are behind this must be disbanded and the people responsible for it tried and executed for treason. No matter which institutions, no matter which people.

French Police Arrest French General

This comes as no surprise to anyone following the situation in Europe.

This morning, the French police arrested a French general who attempted to make a public statement about the Invasion of Europe. Police also attacked and pepper-sprayed his peaceful supporters.

This shameful action must be causing a great deal of grief within the ranks French security services.

When will European security forces join their countrymen in defending their nations?


Obama Addresses Mosque

Obama’s whistling, reptile-like, hissing is insufferable. In kowtowing to Islam, the president reveals his true values. He turns reality upside down, lifting up perpetrators as victims. This man identifies with Islam, not Christianity.

This man is calling on TV and other media to promote Islam. He quotes the Koran.

Muslims in the US have not been targeted by anyone, unlike Christians and others, who are regularly murdered by Muslims responding to the dictates of their savage, heathen religion.

Remove kebab or kebab will remove you.


Also, blood is thicker than water: