A word on blogs


It’s said, correctly, that the blog format was popular ten years ago. Pioneer blogs with open comments format came on the scene around 2002. A comments section was not common before that unless it was more of a chat forum. Steve Sailer, who has been blogging since the 1990s, went for a long time without comments. You had to email him to communicate.

“Two Blowhards” was one of the pioneer blogs. It was a group blog whose main host Michael was uniquely gifted at what he did. That’s where I learned of CH, merely a month or so after the Chateau opened. Whatever you think of the direction he took, Mencius Moldbug started there a commenter and was encouraged by others to start his own blog. 2BH was one of the earliest forums where you could intelligently read & discuss arts, architecture, politics without having to rely on the “Boston Globe…

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