The Good Samaritan, Modern Version…

Or: Nationalist rescues Globalist. Or: Straight White Men Rescue Soyboy.

Und. So. Weiter.

As a very wise man used to say, physiognomy is real.

No need to speculate, we all instantly see it: Man With Man Bun™ is a Globalist.

I don’t know what he was doing in the mountains, and in all probability he didn’t either. But when it was a matter of life or death, he called Mommy and Daddy (the “Patriarchy”), i.e. Nationalists, to save him. This they readily did, despite the fact that Globalists are anti-police. Strong men saved this weak man’s life and he knows it.

Maybe he will cut his hair and start being a man. He has the opportunity to do so, thanks to men that people who look like him hate.

This is the real modern day story of the Good Samaritan(s).

[Edit: globalization leads to atomization. Soyboy was on a hike and nearly fell to his death… alone.]

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