The Left’s National Pastime

The Kakistocracy

Well the crack of the bat took on an unusual timbre at this morning’s congressional softball practice. It was there that a typically psychopathic prog named James T. Hodgkinson from Belleville, Illinois, specifically sought out republican targets and commenced to firing an equivalent number of rounds as were expended at the Battle of Verdun. The vast majority of these inconvenienced nothing but mosquitos, though by sheer weight of statistical probability a congressman, his aid, and two capitol police were struck–as of this writing none fatally.

Of course the scope of media reporting for such events is determined strictly by where assailant and victim fall in the who/whom continuum. Thus once no Casualties of Color were identified, decorum demands no more national coverage than if the shooting were merely a black daycare worker torturing a white baby to death.

But Drudge rolled out the bold red fonts and congressmen tend to…

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