The Coward and the Mudshark


The Coward. The angel says to the young man: “You have nothing. I can give you a chance to have something. Would you like that?” The man nods his head. The angel says: “This evening at 8:00, be at the intersection you know well. Stand there and wait. Then run into the flames. I will protect you. It will burn but you will be fine and you will save a life.” The man asks: “And if I don’t go?” The angel says: “You have free choice. I know that you are afraid.”

The man looks away to think. The angel is gone. The young man opens a beer, sits down. Restlessly, the hours go by. The noisy television may as well be in orbit. It is 7:50. He gets up and goes to the refrigerator for another beer.

The Mudshark. The angel says to the young woman: “The men you…

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