Shots of Wisdom, Part 3


#YourDailyGame. A woman with institutional authority over you such as a supervisor — or one with a psychological imprint on your psyche such as your older sister  — might get bratty in a group setting. When that happens, look at the others with a Kevin Spacey deadpan expression and say: “And they ask me why I drink.”

Beer. Not all golden ages are in the past or in the future. We are now living in a golden age — of beer. My occasional indulgence is an imperial stout. More commonly, I order an east coast-style IPA to ride a buzz with my friends; Michigan’s Bell’s Two Hearted epitomizes that type of citrusy hops taste. If German-style Witbier is your thing, Maine-brewed Allagash White is the best. When slumming it, we Chesapeakians reach for Natty Boh. Old Bay seasoning on the rim if you dare.

Boycott. East Indians secure local markets in liquor stores…

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