The Dutch Vote No

Today the Dutch voted on whether to approve a treaty with Ukraine. While votes are still being counted, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of voters who participated voted No.

There’s a catch: in order to have any legal effect, voter participation must have been 30% of the electorate. Different sources are quoting different numbers: I’ve read 29% to 33% so far.

Regardless of whether the statutory participation is met or not, the No vote is a very positive sign. Globalism is against the national interest of every single country and ethnic group, with one (((exception))). Thus it is in the national interest of every nation and ethnic group to fight the globalization of their own countries. Globalism is destroying Europe and the US, and people are beginning to uncuck themselves.

Of course, democracy is the problem. It allows– even encourages– globalist forces to simply buy governments and implement their globalist policies. There can be no democratic fix to democracy.

But I do hope that powerful nationalists can win some elections. A revolution from above is more likely to work in Europe and America than anything else, in my opinion. There isn’t going to be a coup anywhere in the First World. Or at least there won’t be one we’d recognize as such. We shall see. 2017 is going to be a very interesting year. Stand by for more antics by criminal gangs hired by leftist/globalist forces in Europe and the US. It appears that this particular current year is going to make 1968 look like a walk in the park.

The groundswell of popular support for Trump is a sign of popular support for nationalist leadership in the US, just as the Dutch No vote is a sign of popular support for nationalist leadership in the Netherlands. Nationalism is natural; globalism is artificial, and it requires (((mass media))) to sustain it.

There will be no mass media when the electrical power plants stop working…


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