Pope Francis “Squares” the Circle of Globalization


Reader MGE forwarded today’s L’osservatore Romano article in Italian, featuring the Pope’s statements on globalization. MGE introduces the article:

I have provided a link to a translation of an Italian article about the pontiff’s visit with a group of French Christians. His statements are bit shocking as he seems to drop quite a bit of red pill real talk that could resemble a discussion on this blog, though of course with a more conciliatory tone.

Its English translation is HERE.  Here is an excerpt, emphasis added:

“There’s something that bothers me,” the Pope said. “Of course, globalization unites us and thus has positive aspects. But I think there are good and less good globalization. The less good can be represented by a sphere: every person is equal distance from the center. This first scheme separates man from himself, the uniformizza and eventually prevents him to express himself freely. The best…

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