America’s Greatness

Something along these lines could actually happen in the near future. It would be The Great Uncucking.


The fictitious dialogue that follows is inspired by conversations on related subjects with “Ace” during our long car rides.


Ace: This is what the elites don’t get. War is brewing and the Trump campaign is our way of telling them “this is your last opportunity to let us resolve our differences peacefully.”

PA: You’re making it sound like an ultimatum. But what are we gonna do—just stop giving a shit about the country?

Ace: Not just that. This is what I see happening: the system does something very dirty and Donald Trump never makes it to the elections. The newly-sworn president Hillary Clinton’s first act in office is to issue executive orders to each of the 48 contiguous U.S. states to prepare accommodations for a specified number of third world asylum-seekers. That number is in the millions of Muslim and African refugees to be relocated into each state. In response, the governor of Texas immediately defies the…

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