The Photo that BBC Banned



There are so many things I like about that photo. They make me think about Donald Trump just having won the New Hampshire primary. How about that couple in the foreground. The sexual polarity that pleases the viewer with its evocation of vitality’s strong-beating heart. The lovely woman looks up at her man adoringly, fully absorbed in him. He holds her and nods to the world. His careless hair and insouciant cigarette take me back to when I was 22. There are other things I like about that scene… something I recently wrote about commonplace things being imbued with revolutionary meaning.

But there are those who hate that photo so much, they’ll censor it. A photographer named Michael Hockney submitted the above photo to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for some kind of a readers’ contribution gallery. That image, according to Hockney, was rejected on the basis of not meeting BBC guidelines—of decency, one presumes—and thus…

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