Europe’s Betrayal of Women


2 thoughts on “Europe’s Betrayal of Women

  1. The women’s betrayal of Europe, you mean. They’re the ones demanding it. If the women of Europe didn’t vote, if a woman weren’t running Germany, this wouldn’t be happening on a large enough scale to care.

    They never built it, they feel no responsibility to it. If the men tell them they can make decisions, they make the decisions that feel good at the moment, assuming that what the men meant was “run and play while we mind the store”.

    You can’t “give” women responsibility. It’s like “giving” a fork to a cat. She can’t *receive* it, and she couldn’t use it anyway. They can’t understand that the responsibility is *theirs*. They don’t even know what it is. They can’t comprehend that some man somewhere is not still minding the store. They literally can’t comprehend it.

    When we go on a trip, as we leave, I jokingly tell our cat she’s in charge until we return. The men of Europe weren’t joking, unfortunately, when they did the same.


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