New York: Judge Takes Oath On The Koran


Perhaps we’re being trolled and I took the bait. The Koran shown above is in English (thus it is not really the Koran), it appears to be bound like a normal left-to-right book, the story is from a Moroccan website, etc. Be that as it may, this is definitely war by other means. Islam does not permit women to be judges. This judge is a dupe, a tool, a pawn being used– probably by sophisticated Eskimos– as a weapon against Anglo-American jurisprudence. It is entryism. But she will rule in favor of anyone except a white person in any case. Mark my words.

A black moslem woman has reportedly been sworn in as a judge in New York. She took her oath on the Koran.

This is proof that democracy is self-destructive. Any sane society would nip this in the bud. One thing is certain: if Islam gains political control of the US, it will immediately abolish democracy in favor of sharia. Likewise, if any other racial or religious group gained political control, they too would abolish democracy in order to preserve their power.

Why don’t we? It’s still our country. But not for much longer if we continue to extend the benefit of our principles to people who do not share them cuck for outsiders.

The next Current Year™ is going to be very interesting. Trump has the support of the majority of legacy Americans. If he wins, the US may yet be preserved. If he loses, I think that the country will not survive much longer, at least not in its current political and geographic form. That will not be a good thing for legacy Americans or for the new Americans who are dependent on them.


3 thoughts on “New York: Judge Takes Oath On The Koran

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  2. Most of the Islamic scholars state that women can not be a judge. Only in Hanafis (one of the four schools of Islamic Jurisprudence in Sunnism) women could be a judge under extreme situations, even in that, they can only rule over custody, alimony, and common property issues, basically fiscal issues. Furthermore, I don’t think that she belongs to Hanafi school. If she adheres her own Islamic school, she should step down as a judge. Also if she is a sincere Muslim, she must reject to serve under the infidel law, otherwise she will have to make some decision which is incompatible with Sharia.


  3. There arises a constant friction between the organic desires of white Americans and the entailments of the nation’s founding documents. Nobody is willing to state that they actually want it to be a Christian state in name, not just fast-diminishing atmosphere.


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