Shots of Wisdom


Advice. To a boy: get dirty. To a girl: stay clean.

Art. The artist is a passive conduit to a higher truth, which he transmits through the filter of his personality, and then shapes its representation into material form. The more receptive to the transcendent, the more original in his filtering of it, and the more skilled with his medium, the greater the artist. The artist’s peril: his receptive, judgment-suspending disposition makes him vulnerable to liars with jangling coins who flatter his womanish vanity — that’s the career of the talented band U2 in a nutshell, with their channeling the Celt’s earnest spirit while squirting Moloch-globalist soundbites into each of their great songs.

Capitalism. Pax Americana has always been fundamentally unsustainable because it runs on the principle of strip-mining human capital for short-term gains.

Charm. Interact with women in ways that men would find annoying or even insulting: tease them, put them into defensive crouches…

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