What Will Obama Say? What Will Obama Do?

In a few hours, Obama will address the nation on television from the Oval Office.

This is a rather important forum in American society. What will he say?

First, what he will not say. He will not say “Islamic terrorism.” Nor will he say “Jihad” or any derivative of it. He may very well refer to “Daesh” in order to avoid saying ISIS, since that means, in part, Islamic State. Instead, he will double down on The Narrative™, so we can expect that he will preach against any “backlash” against moslems while praising Islam as a great religion. He may even refer to the “holy koran.” He will warn against the dangers of “extremism” but that term will be used to refer to those opposed to Islam.

He will play down the terrorism aspect of San Bernardino. After all, it has taken him 4 days to go on TV.

He will announce (unconstitutional) executive action intended to disarm law-abiding citizens while ignoring the reality of blacks murdering blacks on a daily basis in our major cities. This will include measures to confiscate existing firearms in private hands. He may even call for a repeal of the Second Amendment.

His Attorney General will try to end Internet anonymity.

The FBI Director will be forced to resign soon and will be replaced by a Negro, possibly a moslem.

Referring to them as “refugees”, he will announce that the US will import even more moslems in the immediate future.

Only God– well, maybe the Devil too– knows what else this man will say or do.


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