Look At What They Do

A few days ago, it occurred to me that US, NATO, and EU policies are pro-Islamic.

From observation, it now appears that US domestic policy is also pro-Islamic and anti-Christian/European.

Although it is difficult to obtain information in the US that is not severely distorted or even contrary to reality, it appears that three moslems attacked a Christmas party in California. The propaganda response from the US government and the Cathedral (the New York Times) was unanimous: the problem is guns.

This is contrary to observable reality.

A firearm is a tool. It no more causes violence than a hammer causes construction. In both cases, it is human beings who create or destroy, employing whatever tool is best for the job.

The proper response to Islamic violence in the West is to remove Islam from the West. It is not to remove tools from Westerners. And yet the Cathedral response to this latest Islamic outrage is to call for gun control laws specifically aimed at law-abiding citizens, i.e. non-moslems.

Criminals do not obey laws. Only law abiding citizens obey laws.

In calling for gun control laws, the Cathedral is acting in concert with violent Islam against peaceful European-Americans who obey laws and would use weapons defensibly.

This comes less than a week after government-orchestrated pro-criminal and anti-police demonstrations in Chicago, Minneapolis, and elsewhere in the US, paid for by George Soros.

Certain elements within the US government continue to import tens of thousands of moslems. This is contrary to the national interest. And yet it continues…

Observation: US domestic policy encourages violent Islam and violent anti-police criminals while calling for the disarming of law-abiding citizens, i.e. Christian/European-Americans.

Farooq Saeed, aka Dindu al-Nuffeen:Dindu_Nuffin


12 thoughts on “Look At What They Do

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  2. I hope that one day you know more about Islam
    Islam is peace my friend
    Moslems are killed and persecuted in many parts of the world but the world is silent( look at Minamar as an example)
    Thanks friend:-)


  3. I am a moslem
    I do not hate non moslems
    I am against terrorism ..not only terrorism of some few moslems
    but also terrorism of great countries who kill moslems all over the world and interfer in their issues and take their lands..


    • You are a woman? Does your husband know you’re trolling teh Interblogz?

      You are not a moslem (in English, they spell it “muslim” and pronounce it “moose limb”. I spell it “moslem” because that is how it was spelled years ago.)
      You are a non-Mooselimb, but cheers to yer sense of humor!
      If you don’t go home, you may catch ¡diarrhea!

      Your syntax is mrkn English, despite the contrived imperfections. Nice chatting with you. Goodbye (which means “God be with you” in English, but you know that already).


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