French Attacking Moslems?

Let me begin with a caveat: I do not know anything about the provenance of this video: where it was filmed, by whom (always ask who took a photo or video and why, and also how and why a photographer happened to be present), for what purpose, etc. Nor do I know what it actually shows or if the title is accurate.

Also, I full anticipate that this video will disappear soon.

The French in this video appear to be equipped with collapsable batons and pepper spray. It may simply be a highly edited video of plainclothes police arresting burglars. But I do find it interesting.

(h/t commenter “Unknown” at Vox Popoli.


2 thoughts on “French Attacking Moslems?

  1. The video quality resembles my Sony Motionflow (refresh rate) setting which gives an unnatural speed of movement to action scenes. There is something strange about the video speed, the guy running and being tripped into the car seemed slightly off to me. I am not quite sure what it is but something has been done to these sequences.


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