Chicago Sacrifices to the Gods

What the general public does not know but everyone who has trained with weapons knows, is that anyone holding a knife within 21 feet of you is justifiable homicide, self-defense. Proven over and over again. But the truth doesn’t matter. This is a George Soros power grab that is using Dindus as the pawns that they are.


Chicago has offered up one of its finest to the gods of political correctness, but the riots seem inevitable.

Obviously there’s bad cops.  I remember that video of a Chicago cop beating up a 100 pound bartender from about ten years ago, and it was sickening, as was the way his peers circled the wagons.

Chicago may even have more bad cops than average, for all I know.  But if there is one thing I’ve been taught in every defensive shooting class from time immemorial is that a knife inside of 21 feet is as good as a gun.  It’s more dangerous than it looks, and your reaction times can’t equal the knife.

This “youth” with the future physics professor name of Laquan McDonald, like the “youths” in Ferguson and Baltimore, died from his own stupidity, recklessness, violent streak, and refusal to follow the cops legitimate orders.  He was creating a…

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