They’re Going To Fuck Up Thanksgiving

They are going to fuck up Thanksgiving.

It’s planned. Expect a chimp out in Chicago and probably other so-called urban areas in the next few days. You heard it here first….



2 thoughts on “They’re Going To Fuck Up Thanksgiving

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  2. I wouldn’t bet against you, it is what they do.
    They are repugnant. They have no faith. Their spirits are wastelands of hate and envy.
    Fuck the sonofabitches. If the human extinction movement wants to shit on Thanksgiving, go right ahead. It is one more nail in the cultural marxists coffin.
    They are their own worst enemies.
    If you possess virtue and integrity, really understand courage, and have the courage of your convictions, you know Thanksgiving galls their existence. It grates against every inch of their ideology. Right it should.
    You could hand them the world on a platinum platter and the idiots would still cry piss and moan.
    Like those hive bred juvenile crybullies stamping their wittle feetsies on campus.

    You know what?
    What really matters?
    Who gives a rats ass what those clowns think or say.


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