Islamic Gangs Gun Battle In France

At one point you can clearly hear “Allah Akbar.”

I don’t know anything more than what is shown in this video. It took place earlier today in Clermont.

It does seem clear to me that the French government’s response to the Paris attacks is mis-directed. There are no French interests at stake in who does what in Syria; it is outside of France’s territory and not even a neighboring state. Islamic terrorism is really quite easy to avoid if you keep moslems out of your country. The proper response to Paris would be to round up and deport moslems living in France and not admit any in the future. Problem solved.

Government officials must know this. And yet they stand down and the invasion of Europe continues. I can only conclude that government officials welcome these developments. I need not formulate a motive, as that is probably an unknowable coalescence of various trans-national interests.

The short-term result of head-in-the-sand policies is armed Islamic gangs battling in the streets of France. I doesn’t matter what they are fighting about. It matters that they are controlling French streets.

The long-term result is anyone’s guess.


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