The Most Anti-Human Song Ever Written



  • [Author’s note: I created the above graphic and the reinterpretation of John Lennon’s lyrics. Share at will. Attributing it to me (PA) or to my blog address is appreciated but not required.]

The anti-humanity of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” lies in the bleak nihilism of ending conflict by destroying everything that anyone has ever cared about.

To be human is to love the things that are important to you and to hate the things that would harm that which you love. Letting go of all of that is to stop thinking, stop struggling.

And that’s what 500 corporate logos would have you do. Stop longing for transcendence or thinking about your soul. Stop dreaming. No dominion over public space to secure a future for your child. They gave you Miley Cyrus’s twerking ass. Meat hangs on hooks. Peace.


You can always say NO to Lennon’s ignorant error if you want to live.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Anti-Human Song Ever Written

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  2. At last someone else mentioned this song “Imagine” I have said forever that this is the worst song John Lennon ever wrote, and one of the worst songs ever written. Anti-human indeed. I also think that by now (had he not been murdered) would have lived to deny the song and rue that day he wrote it, embarrassed. Lennon was an intelligent man and would have seen the light eventually. “Imagine” is horrid is every way, beside the lyrics the melody is like a drug induced mild drifting coma, numbed like the buzz from a dentist, or “Uncomfortably Numb” certainly not a euphoric transcendent high. Ugh.


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