Through a Prison Window


See the short public service announcement (PSA) about emotional abuse of children, embedded just below. It’s in Polish but the video is easy to follow without understanding the language.

The PSA presents two scenarios. In the first one, a mother pushes away and criticizes her toddler, with a flash-forward of him as a nervous young man self-sabotaging before a job interview. In the alternate scenario, she praises and attends to him, with the result being that he approaches the interview confidently. In the concluding scene the narrator says “one day your child will spread his wings;  it is up to you whether he will fail to launch (the Polish idiom is ‘be a flightless bird’) or fly like an eagle.”

Take a quick look:

The video is well done and the message is spot-on. But as is often the case when encountering something foreign, it’s the little details that make it an experience at odds…

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