European Prediction

Tonight’s terrorist attacks in Paris will be used as an excuse to further restrict nationalist (i.e. non-Leftist) organizations across Europe and elsewhere and to expand the EU.

Expect more multiculturalism, calls for even more diversity, and even more vilification of Europeans. Expect mass media and social campaigns against “Islamophobia” and “extremism.” Expect states of emergency where European governments confiscate firearms from law-abiding Europeans while treating Third World foreigners with kid gloves.

All European governments are throughly under the control of Globalists. Their agenda are not national agenda, and their interests are not national interests.

The US President’s remarks were either condescending in the extreme (“We” will bring them to justice) or an unconscious admission of a Globalist agenda he’d rather we not know about.

The Globalists will not let this crisis go to waste. The only hope is that Europeans re-discover their balls and dump their pan-European Globalist politicians in favor of nationalists. Exit the EU and NATO. Require the US to withdraw its military from European countries.


America is the only country with a Second Amendment. In all of the various places in Paris that have been attacked tonight, not one single person had the means to fight back. One eyewitness account in Le Figaro said that the attackers reloaded their (illegal) AK rifles three times. Not one of the victims was armed. Europeans need to arm themselves, legally or illegally. It is a matter of survival, of life and death. As we say in the US, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.


Regular readers will know that I am opposed to democracy. Having said that, I live in a democracy. I am very cynical about the incentives that politicians respond to in democracies. Nevertheless, I am willing to risk that Donald Trump is actually lying; I am unwilling to risk that any other presidential candidate is actually telling the truth.


5 thoughts on “European Prediction

  1. I still doubt most Europeans will do anything–the amount of people in Northern and Western Europe who are against immigration is not overwhelming

    In a country like France, the situation will have to deteriorate to extreme levels of literal civil war before the comfortable middle class liberals are forced to admit that mass immigration is a horrible idea. But it’s not like its genetically/culturally impossible for Europeans to be against immigration, in the same chart, most people in Greece and Italy have negative views of immigrants, and generally those countries have been having more economic problems compared to Germany and France. In some sense, worse is better.

    A lot of this is just waiting. It will probably be a few years before any sort of true national solidarity will emerge in a place like France or Germany. I imagine Eastern or Southern Europe might kick it off sooner. That being said, these Paris attacks are still a major step in the direction of civil war in those countries.

    Tribalism and religion will make a comeback when people need them again. Right now most people in Germany and France still have fairly wealthy, easy lives. They do not need these things. But it will change within the next few decades, and again we will need tribe and faith.


    • I agree with your prognosis, but I do not accept that the amount of people in NW Europe against immigration is miniscule. One of my axioms is that MSM is per se dishonest. After all, it makes money by manipulating perceptions and the emotions that flow from them. In that light, I imagine that there are very few Europeans who actually favor any immigration at all. They might parrot acceptable memes presented to them in mass media, but what man wants masses of foreign men moving into his country and competing with him for his own women?

      From the IRS-990, more than a few major players at Pew appear to live in igloos…


      • It’s not minuscule, but the polling information I have read in general seems to suggest that in NW Europe, the majority is by a slim margin, while in Southern or Eastern Europe, you pretty much have super majorities (especially I imagine, if you exclude the non whites there) of anti immigration sentiment. I do fully accept that the media/polling-industrial complex might be downplaying the trend of nationalism though. I just go off the best data I find, since I am not on the ground in Europe. I only ever trust hard data these days. I never trust mainstream analysis of data.

        It is worth nothing that often phrasing of questions and other minor details probably affects answers. I am sure more people would answer positive to “are you against more immigration” than to “are you against letting in poor starving women and children?” Perhaps the whole issue of polling and other more subtle forms of media manipulation (besides the obvious promotion of interracial couples and other such blatant left wing agendas) is something worth further exploring in the alt right.

        And yes, a lot of their board does seem to be…….. “Canadian.”


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