The Bundeswehr Is Pozzed

I recall a sign I once saw in a photo of a demonstration in Germany years ago (my grammar may be slightly off). It is a clever rhyme in German that is much stronger in the original than the literal translation:

Die Wehrmacht war ein stolzes Heer,
Die Amis dient der Bundeswehr.

[The Wehrmacht was a proud army,
The Bundeswehr (is a servant of) the (pejorative term for) Americans.]

The Bundeswehr is so pozzed it is really impossible to comprehend. In the following video we see the female (!) Vertidigungsministerin [Defense Minister] giving a speech followed by a Bundeswehr ceremony where the band plays African-sounding tribal beats in German uniform. By torchlight. In front of the Reichstag. The ethnic musical humiliation is on full, sordid display at 1:54.

Klicken-sie hier for a real Prussian military march.


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