UNESCO Rejects Kosovo Membership

In a vote that surprised me, UNESCO has voted against membership for Kosovo.

More countries voted for it than against it, but the number was less than the majority needed.

This is very good news for Serbs, and Christians in general. Kosovo was Serbia, is Serbia, and must remain Serbia.

This is important for Christians (and by “Christians” I mean Europeans) in general because of the continued moslem invasion of Europe. What is happening now in most of Europe happened over time in Kosovo. Moslem Albanians moved into the province over the decades and drove out the native Christian Serbs. When Serbia tried to use its military to defend Christians in 1999, NATO/EU/US intervened militarily on the side of Islam. The few Serbs who remain in Kosovo today live in terrorized dhimmitude while Albanian moslems expropriate Serb property, attack Serbs in the streets, rape Serb women, and desecrate, plunder and destroy ancient Serb churches and monasteries. They do this with the tacit approval of US/NATO/and EU military and police.

The danger of a NATO (i.e. US) military presence in Europe is that when the next Crusade seeks to combat Jihad, the pro-Islamic US will intervene on the side of the jihadists like it always does. Consider that the US has created or sided with jihadists against secular governments and Christians in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

All Christians and European nationalists– indeed anyone opposed to the Islamic invasion– should be thankful for the vote against UNESCO membership for Kosovo. It is a rare and encouraging development. Let us all pray for the safety of Kosovo’s Serbs.



2 thoughts on “UNESCO Rejects Kosovo Membership

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