Remove Invasive Species

I am opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

It transfers much of the sovereignty of the signatory states to an unaccountable commission. We’ve seen the results of this sort of thing in the EU.

However, I do take some hope in the following provision, which I would like to see applied to certain “invasive species” in the US [emphasis added]:

Article 20.14: Invasive Alien Species
1. The Parties recognise that the movement of terrestrial and aquatic invasive alien species across borders through trade-related pathways can adversely affect the environment, economic activities and development, and human health. The Parties also recognise that the prevention, detection, control and, when possible, eradication, of invasive alien species are critical strategies for managing those adverse impacts.
2. Accordingly, the Committee shall coordinate with the Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures established under Article 7.5 (Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures) to identify cooperative opportunities to share information and management experiences on the movement, prevention, detection, control and eradication of invasive alien species, with a view to enhancing efforts to assess and address the risks and adverse impacts of invasive alien species.

Here’s another provision that could be used in unexpected ways:

Article 29.8: Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions and Genetic Resources
Subject to each Party’s international obligations, each Party may establish appropriate measures to respect, preserve and promote traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions.


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