Is Donald Trump A Progressive Globalist?

I believe that democracy itself is the problem with modernity. Democracy cannot solve the problems it creates. On the contrary, it thrives on them. Personally, I am a monarchist, but I am open to other Rightist ideas for reversing the decline of the nation state and the destruction of European peoples, both in Europe and elsewhere.

Having said that, like many on the Right, I am impressed by Donald Trump. He says what he thinks, he doesn’t apologize, he’s smart and he knows it, he doesn’t campaign using his first name, etc. In short, he’s the only candidate who acts like a man instead of a modern feminized caricature. I enjoy listening to him maintain frame with reporters when others would cave. He is definitely in charge, and that is something I respect.

Concerning immigration, Trump is the only candidate who has said anything sensible at all. (Ditto for the Second Amendment.) But then he back pedals. He says he’s going to build a wall, and in the same breath he says that it is going to have a yuge door in it so people can come in legally. I don’t think it is in the national interest (I am writing in the US) for there to be any third world immigration to this country. No refugees, no compassionate reactions to the latest “crisis” that has nothing to do with us, no third world immigration at all. None.

I worry what Trump’s actual immigration policies would be.

He talks about trade and says that he supports “free trade.” I do not think free trade is in the national interest either. In fact, free trade benefits the elites of the nations party to free trade treaties, not peoples of their respective nations. Like the European Union, the national elites in the EU countries have more in common with each other than with their own people. Free trade treaties contain all sorts of provisions that become federal law automatically. In the case of the TPP, no one even knows what’s in it. That’s enough for me to be able to predict that it will pass. Democracy makes this possible.

Free Trade is a globalist agenda. Trump has business interests in many different countries, and he may very well have a globalist agenda himself. In what could be a brilliant turnabout, Trump may be appealing broadly to a white electorate because by solidly appealing to that demographic he can actually defeat most Republicucks who are to the left of most middle class disenfranchised white voters.

At every campaign speech, Trump talks about Iran and what a bad deal the nuclear agreement is for the US. Actually, I think he means it’s a bad deal for Israel. In saying that, he is conflating the US national interest with that of Israel. Every American candidate kowtows to Israel.

With respect to Syria, Trump talks tough on ISIS, whatever ISIS is. Frankly, I think ISIS is another US-created blowback group that the US created and supports (and thinks it can “manage”) because the US is against Assad. But it is none of America’s business who is president of Syria. This, too, suggests a globalist agenda. I do like how Trump seems to be saying that the US needs to let Russia handle that.

Immigration, free trade, supporting/opposing governments in other countries, doing Israel’s bidding are all Progressive/Globalist policies.

On the other hand, it may also very well be that Trump, the skilled deal-maker that he is, knows that he must say these things in order to remain within the “Overton Window” while shifting it to the right. When I hear him talk about increasing taxes on “hedge fund guys” I think I know who he’s talking about. It may be that Trump is adhering to the script necessary to be elected, while fully intending to implement reactionary policies once he is in office.

Despite the rhetoric, perhaps Trump is actually a progressive globalist. After all, he is spending his own money in a bid to become chairman of the largest progressive globalist organization in the world: the United States. We have to be prepared to face that possibility and not place too much hope in him. However, looking at the demographic clock, I’m willing believe that he’s on our side. If third world immigration isn’t halted and reversed, questions about the nature of first world countries will be purely academic. In constantly talking about his daughter, I think Trump is signaling that he knows this.

No enemies to the right…


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