The Episcopal Church Is A Terrorist Front Organization

Sunday, November 1 2015, is the installation of the new Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry.

When that happens a few hours from now, I will no longer have the church of my culture. It has been in decline for decades, but tomorrow it ceases to even pretend to be a Christian organization.

As I see it, one of the major problems in the West is that we have no religion behind us. With no religion behind us, we falter in the face of life’s inevitable harsh crossroads that arise before us. We see this in Europe today, where the so-called Pope preaches Diversity™ and multicultural nonsense. Instead of providing spiritual leadership to Europeans so they can defend themselves against Islamist invaders, he promotes “welcoming,” something that reverses the Great Commission. So Europeans are spiritually weak, and lie there and take it. If Europeans do wake up before it is too late, the by now inevitable war will be much more difficult, bloody, and costly than earlier. The magnitude of the inevitable violence increases with each passing hour.

We also see this in the United States, where every church I am aware of preaches social justice, “welcoming,” etc. Churches pervert the Gospel and twist it into a message of cultural and racial suicide.

No church has been more fervent in promoting this cultural and racial suicide than the Episcopal Church. At tomorrow’s installation of a Negro as Presiding Bishop, who was elected by white liberal racists solely because he is a Negro, my culture’s religious tradition ends. There will no longer be a traditionally English church in the United States. It has been Africanized. It won’t be completely evident to a lot of people for a while, but it is a done deal. It is too late to save, at least until the United States breaks apart in its own ethnic wars that are coming. Sunday’s installation will open with a departure from the already bastardized version of the Book of Common Prayer. The phrase, “it is right to give God thanks and praise” removes the masculine article (the prayer book reads “it is right to give him thanks and praise”). It is part of a movement to feminize the Christian concept of God, in order to weaken the ability of Christians to fight Islam.

Michael Curry has said that he intends to use the Episcopal Church to foster “racial reconciliation.” We know precisely what this means: anti-white policies. And it begins tomorrow.

The installation ceremony will include an Islamic prayer making specific reference to the Koran. That prayer will be read by the insane-looking Mohammed Elsanousi. He holds a degree in Sharia from International Islamic University in Islamabad, Pakistan, and is listed in the Episcopal church’s Order of Service as “Director, Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers.” He is also the “Director of Community Outreach” for the Islamic Society of North America, which was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial and conviction of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development organization for providing material support to Hamas.


Church leaders know this. They deliberately use the “Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers” because it sounds so wonderful and progressive and, well, traditional to the typical Episcopalian. But even hyper liberal white Episcopalians would think twice about having the “Director of Community Outreach” of the “Islamic Society of the United States” help lead a nominally Christian service. We know what “outreach” means in church-speak: it means evangelism, growth, baptism. In a word: expansion. Elsanousi’s job is to expand Islam.

What Elsanousi certainly knows, but very few if any Episcopalians know, is that under Islamic law once an Islamic service is held in a building that building becomes a mosque forever. Last year, an Islamic service was held at the National Cathedral. Under Islamic law, the National Cathedral is a mosque.

Islam is a violent, barbaric religion and social system that is entirely incompatible with Christianity. The place for ecumenical cooperation (if indeed there is a place for it) is out in the world where and when common ground exists, not in the church (or a mosque, for that matter). The effect of last year’s service and tomorrow’s Islamic prayer is to bring Islam into the Episcopal Church. Literally.

This is taking place amid a push by the Cathedral to disarm law-abiding citizens. Contrary to The Narrative™, the Second Amendment keeps us safe. That is precisely why our enemies are seeking to circumvent it. Under Islamic law, it is proper to kill infidels. The non-Islamic world is called Dar al Harb, literally “the house of war.” Moslems living in Dar al Harb are encouraged to engage in any subterfuge, ruse, or lie– even to the point of denying one’s faith– in order to advance Islam. Thus we see lightly bearded Mohammed Elsanousi sporting a crusader’s cravat, working as a “peacemaker.” He’s not a moderate. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. He has no common ground with Christians. Notice that Christian-Islamic cooperation always means Christian concessions to Islam, and never the reverse. I found a video of him supposedly making a statement on the death of Osama bin Laden. Unfortunately, YouKnowWhoTube won’t let me watch it because of my IP address. Someone living elsewhere may have better luck.

No sane country would permit a Mohammed Elsanousi to remain within its borders, actively working to undermine it. A cursory search was unable to reveal his nationality, but I did learn that he has been active in Kosovo, where moslems terrorize the remaining Serbs, expropriate their property, and destroy churches and monasteries. They are doing that right now in Kosovo, under the protection of KFOR, including the US Army.

Next week I may visit the Orthodox Church, although I’m undecided. I have tremendous respect for the Orthodox, but it is not my culture. In any event, it may be my only choice because in a few hours my religious culture will be dead. I fear that the virus of Progressivism may be in the Orthodox Church (in the United States) because I saw the phrase “social justice” on its website.

In time liberal, feminist, homosexual, Islamic migrant-importing, anti-white, Narrative-embracing Episcopalians will be among the very first to get personally culturally enriched in their own former churches, now mosques. And they will be getting exactly what they deserve.

May God have mercy on the rest of us.



2 thoughts on “The Episcopal Church Is A Terrorist Front Organization

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  2. Why are you even religious?

    You are just like every human… No one knows ‘anything’, less 1+1=2 and one will die and not be “here”.

    Belief is not truth.


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