White Guilt: The Most Agreeabe Feeling


Exhibit 1. A packed movie theatre, “Batman Begins” is playing. There is a scene in which Bruce Wayne fires his company’s corrupt CEO and promotes Morgan Freeman’s humble character into that position. The nearly all-White audience erupts in spontaneous applause.

Exhibit 2. Bright-faced office workers get together on a sunny Saturday morning to paint houses in a low-income Black neighborhood as part of their Corporate Responsibility program, a volunteering initiative coordinated by an energetic group of interns. Box lunches for the volunteers are delivered at noon and tensions rise as residents of the painted houses want their sandwiches too. A large-screen plasma television is jabbering in the background.

Exhibit 3. A somber dinner in memory of the untimely death of a promising young girl. There are tears, but mostly there is soft, warm laughter as grief gives way to peace. At the meal’s conclusion, as guests pick up to part and goodbyes are exchanged, Peter Biehl

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2 thoughts on “White Guilt: The Most Agreeabe Feeling

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  2. I have actually experience something like exhibit A. A chill ran through me as if a collective madness had filled every empty space in the room. Whites whipping the flesh from their backs. Welcome to the present.


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