Syrian Refugee? My Ass


The above photo of an aging, unmarried, childless (hence the surrogate roleplaying), European, liberal, attention-whoring female acting out her psychological conflicts via mass media is a screen shot from this shit show: Notice how people shove to the front, some cynically holding a child, demanding admission based on whatever that person says. They are quite insistent considering they are “being welcomed.” The lesson of this video if you watch it carefully is this: everyone who makes a passionate demand is an exception. If everyone is an exception, there can be no rule.

I don’t have to discern or assign a motive to those whose actions are destroying (have destroyed?) Western Civilization, I merely have to observe the effects of their actions.

Something else I have observed: all of the European countries being invaded by Islam have police forces and militaries that are highly proficient at what they do. And yet they are doing nothing. The only idea I can think of that accounts for all the facts without exceeding them is that national authorities have been ordered to stand down by some authority to whom they ostensibly owe allegiance, but which authority has been hijacked by anti-national spirits [nb, the Arabic word for “submission” is “islam”]. Being inherently rightwing, police and militaries naturally respect order.

To them I would humbly say this: be worthy of your countries, your ancestors, and your culture. You know how to stand up to a bully (i.e. your feminized, leftist “governments”), don’t you? With violence. You’re being bullied by leftists who aren’t worthy to command you. You may be hurt if you stand up to them, but you will be killed if you don’t. Act! Pull the plug on transnational media and journalism. Ban foreign journalists from your territory before it’s too late. Fight Islam!

Austrians: look to your historical allies and seek help from Poles and Slovaks. Continue to arm yourselves individually. Fight Islam!

Serbs: look to your cousins, and seek help from Russia. Pray to God for protection, while opposing Satan. (Condition of Serbs in Kosovo is Satan’s doing, not God’s will.) Fight Islam!

Croats: You have more in common with Serbs than Muslims. You speak a common language; use it to find common ground. Fight Islam!

Slovenians: You, too, have common cause with most countries of the former Yugoslavia. Exit the EU. Fight Islam!

Hungarians: exit the EU. Fight Islam!

Germans: remember 1989? Get rid of that hideous, childless “female” communist monster and her entire system. Honecker/Merkel müssen raus! Fight Islam!

Frenchmen: you formed the European Coal and Steel Community, the EEC, and the EU in order to avoid another world war with Germany. It worked, you can cross the EU off the list. Thanks to Islam, you and the Germans have a common enemy who will destroy both of your countries if you don’t fight back as allies against Islam. Fight Islam!

Dutchmen: stop granting your enemies the benefit of your principles. Fight Islam!

Catholics: get rid of that communist faggot pretender and select a Pope with balls who will provide moral leadership in a new Crusade instead of advocating for Islam. Make a deal with the Jews: the Church will support Israel against Islam and Israel supports Christendom against Islam. End the Diaspora and support the Right of Return: all Jews to Israel. Fight Islam!

Scandinavians: socialism only works within a small, homogenous family. You’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Now apply it to those invading your homes and raping your girls. Fight Islam!

Other European nationals: look to your history and seek counsel in it. You have allies in all of Europe against Islam. Be proud of yourselves. Be proud of your history. Find common ground with other Europeans. Destroy Democracy! Fight back! Expel the invaders. Fight Islam!

NATO is allied with Islam against you. Withdraw from NATO and expel foreign occupiers. Fight Islam!

European Royal Families: like it or not, you are natural leaders. In times of crisis, people do in fact look up to you for leadership. You’re saying and doing nothing. That does not reflect well on your family honor. You know better than anyone what is happening. Get off your asses already. Fight Islam!

And for the sake of your children and self-respect as men, regain control over your women. Femininity and masculinity exist in the world. I see no reason for men to become feminine and women to become masculine. If you can’t control your women (who are openly advocating for this invasion by a people and ideology who will immediately put them in their proper place), how do you expect to expel a foreign invader who intends to take your women from you? Fight Islam!



3 thoughts on “Syrian Refugee? My Ass

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  3. Reblogged this on Lucius Somesuch and commented:
    From ReactionaryThought: This exhortation to Europe’s peoples, militaries, and extant royal families states powerfully and completely what needs to be done in this time of unparalleled historic crisis. I don’t believe I’ve ever availed myself of the “reblog” option here before, but I think this message requires as wide and rapid a dissemination as we can give it. We should all pray–literally–for God to stir the hearts of Europe’s best military men to take the necessary decisive action to save their countries from the genocidal fanaticism of a spurious supergovernment that seeks the utter destruction of Europe’s innocent peoples.


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