The Ouroboros of Feminism



One of the distinct advantages we have over our enemies is that from a casual observer’s perspective, tactically they are absolutely insane. They do not believe in a usable past or the ability of their forebears to contribute value to them ideologically; progress insists that everything that isn’t moving forward fast enough—towards greater leftism—is anathema, heresy and problematic. Hence, one’s predecessors in the cult of dildolech are held to an anachronistic standard they can never meet, the current year. Unfortunately for the old left, the guillotine is a fan of age discrimination. The revolution devours its children, or rather its mothers. Contemporary mainstream feminism, also known as ((((third-wave feminism)))), has made a name for itself by witch-hunting other feminists for not being left enough across the board on political and cultural issues. Third-wave feminists believe in what they assure us is a very important concept  called intersectionality. Like the…

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