For A Better World

Get rid of the following:

“Gun Control”
“Hate Crimes”
Democracy (PACs, Lobbying, Mob Rule, Foreign, International Elites)
The United Nations
The European Union
The Euro
Organized Crime
“Legalized” Marijuana
“Legalized” Gambling
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
The World Bank
International Monetary Fund
International Courts
Trans (hah!) Pacific Partnership
“Freedom” of the “Press”
Civil Rights™
“Human Rights”™
Affirmative Action, Inc.
Public Schools
Federal Support for Churchianity
Fast Food
Trans (hah!)-National Corporations/Businesses/Products
Businesses Open 24 Hours
TV and Radio Broadcasting 24 Hours
Businesses Open on Sunday

There are others; this is merely the beginning…


2 thoughts on “For A Better World

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  2. I’ve had thoughts on the same lines. I sat down and thought to myself, saving civilisation is easy. All you have to do is… and the list took off from there.

    I think if there is one thing we could do that would have the most benefit it would be to ban contraception and abortion. Those simple steps would have huge knock-on effects. We’d be having more children. There would be less need for immigration. Men and women would be forced to become more prudent in their sexual behaviour. If enough people weren’t responsible the welfare state would fold. Red-pillers would now not be able to just enjoy the decline, but in turn would be more likely to have a chance to be invested in society.

    If it meant a rise in ‘back-street abortions’ then treat those who engage in that as murderers. There’s no better use of capital punishment than for those who murder babies.

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