Valkan Hambarliev Is Getting Fed Up

Valkan Hambarliev a border policeman who shot an illegal migrant near Avramov bridge in the municipality of Sredets, Burgas Radio reported. The man of Sredets, 42 years, a hobby and a hunter. He was not arrested. About 22 hours last night in the area of ​​GPU Sredets in the area Fishing meeting three police officers encountering a group of 54 men who resisted. One of the officers firing a shot into the air but should rebound in podmostovoto space on the main road Burgas-Sredets. In the shootout killed 56-year-old Afghan. According to unconfirmed information he was leader of the group. Men aged 20-30 years with good physical shape that can withstand long transition, said earlier at an extraordinary press conference the Chief Secretary of the Interior Commissioner Georgi Kostov.

(via Google Translate from Bulgarian:годишният-граничен-полицай-вълкан-хамбарлиев-от-средец-застрелял-мигранта.html)

I’m sure this will be negatively spun with all the usual leftist media tricks, but I have one thing to say: nice shooting, sir!


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