Even The Dutch Are Getting Fed Up

You don’t have to speak Dutch to feel the anger of the people against the condescending attitude of government officials who are opening yet another refugee center in the Netherlands. From what I can gather, there was a riot last night in Rotterdam, but finding unedited and trustworthy information is very difficult. The disconnection between the people of every European country and their ruling Cathedral elites (Government, Media, Academia) is palpable. I doubt the elites will be able to keep a lid on this for very much longer.

Open warfare and/or revolution is coming to Europe. It is now inevitable. Only the timing, scale, and level of violence remain to be seen. Whatever happens, no one makes war like Europeans. It only takes one side to start a war, and that war has been started by the Islamic invasion of Europe. The choice for Europeans is quite simple: fight back or get wiped out.

The Cathedral elites do their best to hide it or spin away events that are too big to hide. It is a cat and mouse game between individual Europeans who seek to publicize what is really going on via homemade videos on YouKnowWhoTube and the corporate and governmental censors who seek to silence them. I have seen videos showing endless columns of military aged men streaming into Austria and other countries, only to find the accounts gone the next day. This is not accidental.

It is also not accidental that the Cathedral at the behest of its Eskimo masters is seeking to Islamify the United States by importing moslems. It may not yet be too late for the US, but the smart money says pray for peace and prepare for war.

May God have mercy on us; we can expect none from the enemy.

[Edit: the name of Rotterdam’s mayor presiding in the following video (and over the further Islamification of Rotterdam) is Ahmed Aboutaleb. He is a Moroccan moslem.


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