Who Are These People?

I live in what until recently has been a mostly homogenous small city in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

In the past few weeks, I have begun to notice an influx of moslems. I saw these people on a bus a few days ago. Interestingly, they were also on the return bus later that evening. The male is of military age and appears to have had some sort of physical training. I couldn’t hear everything they were saying or learn their destination, but they were speaking to each other in English, each with a different accent. The man introduced himself to the women, but it was not a random encounter; it was arranged in advance. This, along with the different national costumes worn by the women, suggests that they are from different Islamic countries but are here for some coordinated purpose.

What is that purpose?

Who are these people?

Why are they in my town?




4 thoughts on “Who Are These People?

  1. you will see groups of minorities moving around in ways that are very clearly designed to bait someone into doing something hostile to them so they will have a reason to go to court against your city. there are groups of African Americans in the white suburbs of Detroit. they are always there in the evenings and weekends. I see them in pairs or small groups always well dressed but clearly in ethnic fashion. They are not friendly and will not engage in casual conversation. .They are not hostile or aggressive either.

    the supreme court recently handed down a very unpublicized decision that disparities in population from the norm must be assumed to be the result of racism. this happened just before the gay marriage decision came down and was not reported.

    A few other people in my neighborhood noticed them and thinking they were new residents in the area , tried to hold polite conversation with them. They wouldn’t talk to us.

    To sue a person in the US you have to show that you have “standing” i.e. that you personally have been affected.
    If they can get someone to make a “racist” comment to them , then they will have legal standing to sue your community for racism. They will get a settlement, justice depart. will levy fines and order your city government to build public housing to “remedy” the racial or religious “hostile environment ” in you community.


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    • I live in the detroit area. this is driven out of DC . my brother in an atlanta suburb and he has commenterd to me on the same sort of thing lately.


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