Why They Hate the Guns


The relentless anti gun propaganda from Obama and his muppets has reached a fever pitch. And the tone as with the tone of the anti-Trump establishment betrays the same principle: contempt for the views of one’s fellows and an increasingly shrill attempt to shame them into silence and lassitude. The motive is obvious. A gun owning people is a people not as easily controlled and not as trusting of the instruments of the state. Self reliance of all kinds, the cash economy, self employment, having minimal debt, not being on Facebook, and all the other accouterments of independence are a threat to the system. Their system. 

They hate us. They hate democracy when it doesn’t go their way. And they hate the real economy in favor of their Federal Reserve ponzi scheme and their financial engineering tricks that work hand in hand with government. They hate our instincts and want…

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